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A leader in mind-body weight loss, The Gabriel Method takes a hormonal approach to "inside out" weight loss by addressing the underlying causes of weight gain and reversing them forever. Founded in 2008 by Jon Gabriel, The Gabriel Method has touched over 400,000 lives through its best-selling books and holistic weight loss coaching programs.
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Exercise May NOT Speed Up Metabolism (but it’s still good for you)

By |Mind Body Fitness|

Wonder why your waistline isn’t getting smaller, no matter how hard you workout? The truth…

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Obesity vs. Smoking: Which is More Dangerous?

By |Health Reports|

Can obesity really be as deadly as smoking?
For years doctors have been warning patients about the dangers of smoking. But what about being overweight? Can it be really as bad as lighting up? Will a

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How Probiotics Can Help with Weight Loss?

By |Digestion|

Want to shed a few pounds? Try adding probiotics to your diet…
Recent studies show that maintaining healthy gut flora is key to achieving your optimal size.
Weight problems can actually indicate an unhealthy digestive tract.

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Top 10 Fat Triggers Explained

By |Health Reports|

Detailed reports on why your body might be holding on to extra weight and keeping you from shedding excess pounds...

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Harvard Study Support and Weight Loss

By |Health Reports|

What is the Best Diet for Weight Loss? The results didn’t really surprise me one bit, but they did surprise (and disappoint) many dietitians and fitness professionals. Support is the key factor.

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Msg Obesity Fat Rats

By |Health Reports|

Can MSG Make You Fat? A No-Nonsense Look at this Dangerous Food Additive

You've probably heard of or experienced headaches or dizziness after eating Chinese takeout that contained MSG (monosodium glutamate), a common food additive

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Real Truth About Diet Coke and Aspartame

By |Health Reports|

Dear Reader,

When I was struggling on one diet after another, when I weighed over 400lbs, I remember how impossible it was to get through the day without sugar…

… like most people, I was hooked.

Everyone knows

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New Year’s Resolutions – Don’t “Give Up” Anything

By |Health Reports|

Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to “give up” something… … maybe you want to give up chocolate, or cigarettes, or quit drinking. These are great goals, for sure, but I’ve found that our bodies and minds respond much better to “adding” positive habits rather than giving up bad ones.

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Could Your Teeth Be Making You Fat?

By |Health Reports|

“In my late forties I had the mercury removed from my teeth. It was about that time that I started to have weight challenges.”

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Perfect Body – Jon Gabriel and Lisa J. Smith

By |Radio Interviews|

Jon talks about why dieting is the worst way to try and lose weight, and helps you picture your ideal body – the first step in achieving it!

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