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A leader in mind-body weight loss, The Gabriel Method takes a hormonal approach to "inside out" weight loss by addressing the underlying causes of weight gain and reversing them forever. Founded in 2008 by Jon Gabriel, The Gabriel Method has touched over 400,000 lives through its best-selling books and holistic weight loss coaching programs.
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Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight Naturally

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Why are we so prone to gaining weight during times of stress?
And can we reverse it?
Our bodies are programmed with many amazing adaptations, but not all of them are as beneficial today as they used

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Healthy Raw Pecan Pie Recipe!

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Delicious desserts don’t need to be high in sugar and fats!
The Organic Sisters are on a mission to help families transition from processed and unhealthy foods to foods that are wholesome and satisfying.
And they’re offering

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How a Yo-Yo Dieter Lost 140 lbs

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Ginger Solberg gained 60 lbs with her first child… and spent the last 39 years yo-yo dieting in an attempt to lose it.

Through the terrible cycle of yo-yo dieting, Ginger eventually reached her highest weight

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Expert Interview with Jessica Ortner: Can tapping help you lose weight?

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Jessica Ortner is a leading expert on the power of tapping to help with weight loss and body confidence.
She started out tapping for emotional wellness. It took a “eureka!” moment before she began applying it

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How To Eat Chocolate Mousse Cake Without Putting On Weight

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Imagine: a delicious, creamy, flavorful chocolate mousse cake.
Now imagine that it’s actually GOOD for you!

If the Organic Sisters are involved, it’s less far-fetched than you think!
The Organic Sisters are on a mission to help families

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