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Listen to Jon Gabriel Teach About:

  • How to stay focused during visualization
  • Why it’s a tool you can use for the rest of your life
  • How visualization can be applied to all areas of your life


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Roy are you there?


Yes, I'm here.


Roy, thanks for holding.


Hi, no problem. Hi Jon, hi Kelly.




How can we help you?


Well, I have four quick questions if I could go through them all. One of them is that my mind seems to wonder during visualization. I can't seem to get focused enough to really stay on it.


Yeah, well, that's one of the reasons why I made the visualization CD. Visualization is like a muscle that gets stronger over time. And imagine you have a muscle — imagine you've never used your left arm ever, like it's just been strapped to your body. How old are you now, Roy?


I'm 38.


Okay, so you're 38 years old and it's the first time you've ever used your left arm. Imagine how weak it would be, and I ask you to pick up a pencil or to move it. It would be really, really hard to move it. But, in a months' time you get stronger and stronger, and maybe in six months' time your left arm would be as strong as your right arm. It's the exact same with visualization.

Visualization's like a muscle we've never used. There's a part of our mind that's so powerful that we can tap into, but because we don't use it, it's atrophied. So when you're doing visualization in the beginning, it may not be as powerful and your mind will be wondering, but what you will find over time is that your mind gets more and more powerful to the point where your visualizations have the ability to really, really create amazing things, not just with your body, but with any aspect with your life.

And that's really why I talk about that this is not really just about losing weight. It's about improving any aspect of your life. Because once you get really good at visualization, you can visualize your ideal career, your ideal love life, your ideal house, your abundance, there's so many things you can visualize, and you're tapping into a very powerful part of your mind that will help guide you toward the solutions that you need.

If you're wanting to have more abundance and you visualize that, what's going to happen, is that you're just going to find yourself in situations and you're going to be making decisions that are leading you toward more success and more abundance, because you really have programmed yourself to have that, rather than do what they call self-sabotage where you get close to a deal and something happens. All of a sudden, deals happen naturally and normally and business things happen naturally and normally. And that's just an example.

So with your body, visualization can be very, very powerful. I remember reading, when I was a kid, that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the body builder, governor of – everybody knows who I'm talking about – used to use visualization when he was a body builder. And after he'd work out, he'd pose and he'd imagine himself being a certain way.

All Olympic athletes, especially ski racers and freestyle skiers, use visualization. They image themselves going down the slope in the most perfect line. And they've also found with Olympic athletes, that when they do, do visualization, their nerve impulses fire at the exact same sequence as if they were actually doing their sport.

So the people that are really, really successful in life, are people that have the ability to visualize. And I remember when I was working on Wall Street, I used to talk to self-made billionaires, and there was this one older man, and we were skiing in Vermont, and he was telling me — and he was a self-made billionaire and he had an incredible story, he was a pilot in WWII and a real rags to riches story, and he said he uses visualization in his business. He imagines in his visions doing it, doing this, doing that, and it would work. And I thought, “That's right.” Visualization is just this tool that you can use for anything that you want in your life.

But what I did was, I've had experience with visualizations I talked about in my last show, because I had these migraine headaches when I was a kid. My father taught me visualization for getting rid of them and I got very good at it, and I started applying it for other things. So when I started applying it to weight loss, I had already had some experience and that helped me a lot. But after I lost the weight and I was on TV and people were asking me questions, calling in, and I would give them suggestions about visualization, I found that some people could do it, some people couldn't, so what I did was I made the visualization CD.

And the visualization CD is so essential, because you don't have to be good at visualization. All you have to do is listen to it while you're going to sleep, and it's strengthening that visualization muscle. You could be going to sleep and your body's reprogramming itself toward being thinner, and you're getting better and better at visualization. You do that for a month, and then in the second month, you start practicing visualization in the morning, because you've already developed that muscle so it's strong enough to do it, and you just have to do it for — in the beginning just 30 seconds. If you just wake up in the morning, look at a picture of your ideal body and just close your eyes and just for 30 seconds visualize that, and then maybe just spend a couple minutes visualizing the rest of your day going smoothly, and you'll see a relationship between how good your visualization is in the morning and how your day goes. It's amazing.

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