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Listen to Jon Gabriel Chats About:

  • Whether coconut oil is an effective weight loss tool or not
  • Night-time eating and weight gain
  • Weight gain in children


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One person had a question about coconut oil. A lot of people read coconut oil speeds up your metabolism and it’s a good weight loss oil. I really know the research on coconut oil, and this was back when I was losing weight and I was really impressed with it, so I started adding coconut oil to my diet, not because I was craving it, but because it would assist in losing weight. And I found every time I added it, I gained weight. So for me personally, it didn’t work. I loved the research on it. They’re missing something about it. It is a good oil to cook with because it doesn’t get corrupted in high temperatures, but I would not use it specifically as a weight loss treatment. So that’s coconut oil.

And then somebody called in about Lady ReRun. They said, “I’m fascinated with your conversation with Lady ReRun,” or they just emailed this. “I have stopped my night time eating for 16 days in a row now after a lifetime of doing so. However, my daytime choices are not good most of the time and I don’t feel that I have the energy you are describing. I’ve been obese since infancy and I’m currently still super-sized. I’ve worked for decades on my emotional issues. Please advise.”

Okay, to this person, I would ask you to call in at some point and we can talk about it, but I will tell you that if you’ve stopped your night time eating for 16 days, it’s just a matter of time. During the day, add those three things I recommend: Protein, omega 3, and live food, especially in the mornings so that your blood sugar stays stable, and you will find probably in the next month to two months you’re going to have tremendous energy doing the day and you’re not going to have those cravings during the day either. That’s what I would expect.

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