Like many of us, Anne Hines started dieting when she was still very young.

She was put on her first diet at the age of 12 and has vivid memories of her mother serving her bowls of cottage cheese.

She started becoming curvier and bigger than the other girls in school, becoming the victim of teasing and bullying that lasted throughout high school.

Anne’s weight issues continued throughout and beyond college. She tried many diets, but always wound up overeating or even binge-eating.

She developed compulsive overeating habits due to stress, and the heartache of continuing to gain weight kept her in a vicious cycle of emotional eating.

Something needed to change.

An avid listener of podcasts, Anne soon noticed that Jon Gabriel was a frequent interview guest on the lifestyle podcasts she followed.

Curious and eager for a healthy change, she bought his book and was amazed by how strongly it resonated. It was the first time that she learned about:

  • The mind-body experience of weight loss
  • The triggers that cause our bodies to lose or hold onto weight
  • The concept of ‘emotional obesity’

When she started The Gabriel Method, she was interested in learning what to eat, but Jon encouraged her to focus on resolving her emotional weight issues first. Once she figured out her triggers, her weight started to shift.

Her weight loss was gradual but steady, and felt effortless — eventually, she dropped 44 lbs and 8 dress sizes, down from a size 16 to a size 8!

After working through her emotional obesity issues, her healthier choices became easier and easier to make!

Today, Anne enjoys a healthy diet (much more than just cottage cheese!) and praises The Gabriel Method’s psychological approach to weight loss!

In this video, she shares her best tips for people just discovering The Gabriel Method — and how to get the most out of it!