Are My After Pictures Photoshop-ed?


VIDEO: Jon Gabriel, 2nd photo shoot 10 years later.

Original photos from 2004 above

My before and after photos have been seen by millions of people around the world, and people often comment that my after pictures must be Photoshop-ed, that it’s “not possible” that I could look the way I do after losing so much weight.

While I consider it a compliment that critics believe it’s not possible to achieve the results I did (I didn’t have surgery either), at the same time, they're also calling me a liar in a way.

So after 10 years I’ve decided to settle the issue once and for all. I went back to Fiona Castle of Design Images who took the original photos and asked her to verify that the pictures are indeed genuine.

We also did a 10th anniversary photo shoot and created a video you can see here:

Why is it important to you that I prove my photos are real?

I care about my relationship with you and want you to know that the recommendations I make to you (many of which are unconventional) are coming from a true and genuine space.

Wishing you tremendous health, happiness and success.

In health,

Gabriel Method