Weight Loss: Sleep Tight
Video class with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • The importance of sleep in weight-loss
  • Why you’ll never lose weight if you have sleep apnea
  • How come you now have an excuse to cat nap!


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You can also be starving for sleep, and that starvation can also cause chemistry in the body that can activate the fat programs because any type of starvation causes chemistry and that chemistry is very similar to the fat program. So starving for sleep can actually make you fat. It also causes hunger. When you’re tired all the time – you know when you’re travelling and you get to the plane and it’s late, and you’re exhausted, and you’ve got to drive another two hours, what do you do? You stop at the nearest drive through and you get junk food. So when you’re tired you crave junk food. So making sure you get enough sleep is essential. I talked about in the beginning sleep apnea and getting checked for sleep apnea, that’s one way to address it, but if you don’t have sleep apnea one thing that’s really effective is taking a nap in the afternoon. Right around three or four O’clock that’s when people’s energies fall and that’s when they crave junk food, and they’re tired, and we’ll talk about different ways of keeping your blood sugar level stable so that you don’t crave junk food because your blood sugar goes down, but you get tired physically. So drive to a parking lot somewhere if you’re working, put your alarm clock on for a half-an-hour, close your eyes, go to sleep, or listen to the CD, but don’t listen to the CD while driving. Make sure you’re parked; never listen to the CD while driving, but that’s a really good thing to do. If you listen to the CD in the afternoon around three or four o’clock that’s a great way to rejuvenate, and refresh, and stay focused, but be aware that you do need enough sleep.

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