Weight Loss: Toxins
Video class with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • Why toxins make our bodies want to be fat
  • The scary truth about the modern diet
  • How to detox your diet


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Another reason why our bodies will activate the FAT programs is because of toxins. Today there are tens of thousands of toxins that didn’t exist 100 years ago, and every year we produce 3,000 new toxins in plastics, in every type of equipment that we buy, but also in our foods – pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, every type of different way that we’re toxifying our foods. We spray it to keep rats away, but everything we do it to our food and our drinking water. These are toxins that are going into your body. Your body has to do something with those toxins. Now, if you’re taking in toxins faster than you can eliminate it your body has to store those toxins. You can’t have toxins swimming around in your blood stream; it’s got to store it. Fat is the place that your body stores toxins. One study found that an average person has in their fat cells over 800 different toxins. If you’re taking in toxins faster than you can eliminate, your body is going to store them in your fat. Now here’s a really crucial point, and that is that your body is not going want to burn fat if you’re taking in toxins at this rate because when you burn the fat the toxins go back into your system and you actually can get poisoned on your own toxins. So the only way your body is going to want to burn the fat is if you’re taking in less toxins. Once you take in less toxins your body can start eliminating the toxins that it already has. So the way to take in less toxins is to always choose organic whenever possible. Always get clean water whenever possible, and just be aware of the fact that there’s toxins everywhere. You put skin cream on and anything you’re putting on your skin is going into your body, so chose a skin cream that’s organic or that’s sensitive to these issues. Your shampoo you’re taking it in when you drink. Everywhere you are – try to get as much fresh air as you can, organic, and a lot of people say to me organic is so expensive, well I have a couple things to say. One thing is what I find is when I eat organic food I eat less food; I’m getting nourishment that my body needs and I burn fat because I’m taking in less toxins. Being sick and trying every weight loss out there to lose weight costs money too, and if this is the solution you’ve got to factor that into the equation. So if you’re spending a couple dollars more on food you’re actually spending a fortune less on health bills, you’re healthier, and you’re losing weight. You’ve got to factor that into the equation. So be aware of the toxins that are coming into your system and what you can do to eliminate those toxins or to slow down the rate for which they come in.

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