Weight Loss: Step by Step
Video class with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • How to lose weight steadily, step-by-step
  • Ways to incorporate visualization into your every-day routine
  • What your body needs in order to lose weight


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In the book I talk about a four month step by step process that you do. In the first month you add foods that your body is starving for, and I teach you how to do that and you listen to the CD. In the second month you start learning how to do just five minutes of visualization in the morning and I teach you how to do that. Visualization – not only visualizing your ideal body, but visualizing your life going smoothly and creating the things that you want in your life because then you’ll be less stressed out so you’ll be sending less stress signals to your body that are tricking it into activating these fat programs. The third month getting out and trying to be more physically active, but visualizing it and finding something that you really love doing, and the fourth month I talk about really just following your heart because a lot of times the stresses in our lives are caused by the fact that we’re not really following our heart. We’re not listening to our heart, we’re not doing the things that we love doing and it’s just causing stress in every aspect of our life, and our body is taking that stress and that chemistry and it’s being tricked into activating these programs. My final message in the fourth month is really just to follow your heart.

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