Weight Loss: Nutritional Famine
Video class with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • Why your body wants to be fat or thin
  • Why adding foods is more effective than forbidding foods
  • Tips to up your nutrient intake


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Okay so we’ve talked about the theory of why your body would want to be fat and why your body would want to be thin, and that in order to lose weight in a long term sustainable way the trick is to get your body to want to be thin. So let’s start talking about some of the reasons why your body would want to be fat in the first place. And one of them is dieting because what dieting does is it tricks your body into activating a famine response, and that’s the whole reason why we have fat in the first place. So when you activate that famine response it’s going to make your body want to be fatter. Now everybody is sort of focused on the concept of calories in, calories out and all the different ways – behavioral modification ways – that you can force yourself to lose weight, but the things that force your body to lose weight are not the same things that get your body to want to be thin. And if you want long term, sustainable weight loss you’ve got to get your body to want to be thin.

So rather than dieting, what I suggest and what worked for me, and what seems to be working for thousands of people out there now is add the foods your body is starving for because you could be at a famine from being in a diet, but you can also be in what I call a nutritional famine. And a nutritional famine is when you’re eating plenty of calories, but the calories don’t have the nutrients that your body is starving for so you keep eating and eating looking for nutrients. This is one that I’ve seen with myself. For example, I know in a day if I don’t get enough protein I could be eating food all day and I’m just not getting it. If I need some sort of omega 3 fatty acid and I’m not getting it, I stay hungry. If I need live food, I’m not getting it – I stay hungry. So add, add, add, add. Add the specific foods your body is starving for, and your body is always starving for three things.

These are the three things we need and we’re not getting enough of – protein, omega 3 fatty acids which is a particular type of fat, and live food. And when I say live food I mean basically something that if you looked under a microscope, things would be moving. That’s my definition of live food. If you take a cruskit and you put it under a microscope, nothing is happening. If you take anything out of a happy meal and you put it under a microscope, nothing is happening. You put anything that’s lettuce, sprouts, fruits, vegetables, anything that hasn’t been cooked, packaged, processed, all of these things, put it under a microscope – it’s moving, it’s got life force, it’s got live food. We crave those things. We do not get enough. Omega 3 fatty acids – we just don’t get them because they’re corrupted very easily. So a lot of – I see breads for example that advertise that they’ve got omega 3 fatty acids in them. And once you cook them and process them they’re gone. You need them in an unprocessed, uncorrupted way. We don’t get them.

When it’s essential, it means it’s like a vitamin. Essential means that your body can’t produce it and your body needs it. So imagine going – and we go 20 years, most people can go 20 years without getting a real, uncorrupted source of omega 3 fatty acids. Imagine going 20 years without getting vitamin C or any other vitamin. Something essential means you have to have it. So our bodies are starving for these foods. So adding these foods – anytime you’re eating a meal always ask yourself where’s the protein, where’s the omega 3’s, where’s the live food. Those three things, add them to your diet. If you’re going to have a McDonald’s Happy Meal, not that I’m suggesting that you should have one, but if you are take it, cut it up, put it in a big salad with lots of lettuce, lots of sprouts, preferably organic not McDonald’s lettuce, but organic lettuce, nothing against McDonalds, but organic lettuce with sprouts, sprinkle ground flaxseeds on them or linseeds, which is a great source of omega 3’s. Use whatever dressing you want, but at least you’re getting the nutrients that you want. You learn to love salads – that’s just an example, but always ask yourself where’s the live food, where’s the protein, where’s the omega 3’s.

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