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Weight Loss: Real Life Story
Video chat with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks to Cindy Martin about:

  • How she lost 50kg using The Gabriel Method
  • Why she was skeptical of Jon’s approach to begin with
  • How she’s inspired to help other people transform their lives


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Jon: While I was on the break there was just a couple other people that came up to me that had stories similar to Helen’s that were very inspirational, and I just wanted to ask a couple of them just to come up. Could you give Cindy a round of applause please?

Cindy: Well I have to say I’m a little bit like Helen in that I was a cynical cow who also thought it was a whole lot of *** when I heard that you could lose weight without dieting. I left the media and that’s when I decided I had to do something about my weight. I had gone up to 122 kilos, and I thought there was something drastic I had to do about my weight. So, I started all the diets, did all the dieting up and down, exactly what Jon was talking about before, and then my friend started talking about this Jon Gabriel bloke. I’m going yeah, yeah, yeah, cynical cow comes out again. But then one day I thought I’ll get on the internet – cynical cow get on the internet and have a look and see what this bloody angel Gabriel does, so I read it and I talked to a lot my friends. But I’ve taken on board a lot of the stuff that they had said to me that they benefited from his book. So, I’ve lost nearly 50 kilos now. What I want is now be able to help other people who are on dialysis who are coping with their weight problems. I want to be able to help them, so I thought I’d come today, see what the boy had to say, and hopefully be able to help a few people with that.

Jon: Thanks very much.

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