Weight Loss: The Animal Brain
Video class with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • The concept of the animal brain
  • How our body is wired to survive
  • Why losing weight is not just about cutting calories


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The part of our brain that controls these survival programs is called the animal brain, or the hypothalamus, and it’s the same brain that a mouse has. It controls our heartbeat, it controls how much breathing, so for example you can force yourself not to breath, right? You can say okay, I’m going to control how much breathing I do, and you can do that for a while but your body is going to say no, no, no we need more oxygen and it’s going to let you know that. And it’s the same with food when your body says no, no, no we need more weight on us. Your body is going to let you know that by making you hungrier, making you crave more fattening foods, slowing your metabolism so you’re tired all the time, and putting your body into fat storage mode. And what’s interesting is that people make the assumption that just by cutting their calories they’re going to lose weight, but when these survival programs are activated, I call these survival programs by the way the fat programs, fat is an acronym for famine and temperature, because during famines and during cold temperatures that’s when these programs are activated, or the stresses that cause these things, that’s when these programs are activated.

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