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Success Stories – Gabriel Method

“I feel truly blessed…”

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Weight Loss: 93 kg (205 lbs)

Seven years ago I weighed over 200kg. I had yo- yo dieted since I was 13 and was desperate to lose weight. I had undergone a routine surgery and woke up on a ventilator as the surgery went wrong. During my recovery a nurse reached out to me and told me I needed to stop dieting as it was killing me and I needed to focus on just being healthy. Eating nutritious foods, gentle exercise and being more positive, and stop hating myself! During the next years I did this and managed to lose about 40-50kg.

Four years ago I was given a copy of The Gabriel Method. I read it and cried buckets of tears. I empathized with Jon’s journey. I felt like we were connected. I was so inspired to continue on my own journey I embraced his visulisation and program.

I have now lost 93kg. I feel truly blessed I found The Gabriel Method. I encourage EVERYONE to read it.

“The only real risk is being healthier”

Christian Petersen
Weight Loss: 52 kilos (115 lbs)

Christian shares his inspirational story about his journey and talks in depth about how The Gabriel Method was able to help transform his mind and body. Christian learned about the things that were holding him back and talks about his accomplishments due to his weight loss.

“Type 2 Diabetes Reversed!”

Weight Loss: 10 kg (22 lbs)

Taryn shares her incredible story of how her diabetes was reversed using the Gabriel Method. By managing her stress, emotions and eliminating fear, Tara lost 10 kilos and got rid of her Type 2 Diabetes, much to the surprise of her doctor.

“To our perfect life!”

Sharon (2012-2013 Case Study Participant)

One week down and loving the Case Study program, especially the visualizations. Thank you for taking the time to create this program.

My session with Brian Killian was just what I needed. I was a little overwhelmed with the food choices, especially how to incorporate the big 3 into meals and snacks, when I would have normally just eaten just veggies and fruit. Talking to Brian was amazing, he helped me work out that I wasn’t eating enough protein, so I could immediately work with that. I felt very connected and he gave me plenty of suggestions and made sense. He suggested the genetically thin visualisation and it is amazing, as the ‘ideal me’ steps into my cells I tingle in delight!!

I was a little anxious going into the weekend as we had a very heavy social agenda of two restaurant meals (including a degustation!!) and a dinner party lunch. Normally after a weekend like this I would have added two kilos. This morning I weighed the exact same as I weighed on Friday morning. Amazing! I was less interested in the food and even left a lot of food on my plate. It was no big deal. My husband asked me this morning if I was taking an appetite suppressant!! He is so used to me cleaning my plate.

Thank you. I have always loved my life, but now I am looking forward to the weeks and months ahead when I can run and dance on the beach.

To our perfect life!

“Jon’s audio visualizations have opend a new realm for me, of safety and peace.”

Tam (Case Study Participant)

I have been telling anyone who will listen. And I have not yet lost a pound, but I was able to see how stressful my life had become, and how badly I have damaged myself from dieting for 40 years….and I am only 52. I have been working for months to understand the concept of nourishing my metabolism into a healthy balance, without success. Then a friend recommended Jon’s book. I jumped in a few weeks ago, into every program of Jon’s that I could. I had a chance to speak to Jon and as I began to tell him my frenzied story, he stopped me, and helped me see why I am stuck, and assured me that we would figure out the details. I was pretty stunned to see how genuine he is about finding solutions for his clients. The visualizations have been very helpful to me. I already meditate, and Jon’s audio visualizations have opend a new realm for me, of safety and peace. I am documenting my journey. I do not have a massive success story yet. But I will, just as soon as some details are ironed out in my mind and body. I hope to be a great success story to guide my friends and loved ones to a true source of wellness.

“I found my self-confidence growing”

Desiree Lourens
Weight Loss: 54 kg (119 lbs) in 1 year

I had given up on trying to lose weight. I had lost a lot of weight a number of times before only to gain it back again. I reached a point of absolute despair. I was either going to lose the weight or my life.

In January 2012, I decided to fight for my life. This time I wanted to change my life, not only lose weight. I wanted answers to why I kept on regaining the weight. I did research on the internet and came across The Gabriel Method.

After reading Jon’s book and listening to the evening visualization CD, I found my self-confidence growing. I started wanting to exercise and my food choices changed. As of January 2013, I have lost 54 kg (119 lbs). I am confident that I will reach my goal weight by the end of of 2013.

Jon and his staff are my go-to guys and I am always learning and discovering new things through their website. I am eternally grateful to Jon and his staff for their unselfish love and care for us. Thank you and God Bless.

“I Couldn’t be Happier!”

Nicole Spitaliero
Weight Loss: 41kg (90 lbs) in 14 months

My first step was to embrace compliments. From the moment I had this realization, I took it upon myself to force myself to say “Thank you”and smile whenever I got a compliment. And trust me, when you’re losing weight and EVERYONE is noticing, you really do get used to it fast…. I couldn’t be happier!

“…my Body Did What it Did to Protect Me!”

Sarah Howard
Weight Loss: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Your story of how you grew to be bigger than your business partner enabled me to realize that I had done the same thing. My father was a big man, probably 110-120 kgs, so in an effort to protect myself, my mother and my brother, I grew to be 140 kgs. I also realized that I was using my fat to physically distance myself from my father’s rage. I am still dumbfounded that my body did what it did to protect me.

“I Lost 51 Kilos in About Six Months”

Amanda Pearson
Weight Loss: 51 kg (113 lbs) in 7 months

I lost 113 pounds (51 kilos) in about six months and I’ve kept it off now for over a year. Also my blood sugar levels went from a dangerously high 19 down to 6. I’m now within the normal range. They say I still have diabetes but I don’t think so.

“I Look Forward to Getting my New Body”

Miles Sheba
Weight Loss: 40 kg (88 lbs)

The hardest thing now is for me to not run over to family and friends and preach about how their eating all the time is causing their FAT programs to switch on etc.

I look forward to achieving my new body in a few months, and hopefully spreading the word, to people who are ready to hear it.

“I Have Never Felt this Happy in My Life Before”

Helen Duhigg
Weight Loss: 55 kg (122 lbs)

It has been exactly as you say on the CD. I listen to it and say “that is so true”.

How can I thank you for your dedication and years of research. Without it, I’m sure my life would still suck and I’d still look abnormal!

I know by December I’ll have a flat stomach, good arms and my ideal body. Then we will really celebrate.

“I feel so good inside that I’m almost bursting out of my skin.”


Weight Loss: Size 22 down to Size 18, in 4 months

My belt now does up 3 notches further in; my pants are all baggy and horrible looking (but I still wear them!); my chins have reduced in number and my puffy cheeks are de-puffing too. I LOVE it. And even better …. I feel so good inside that I’m almost bursting out of my skin.

I have gone from a size 22 to a size 18 between December 2012 and April 2013. Still losing and noticing big changes in my body shape. Especially my arms which have never before reduced in size with diet or exercise.

My eternal gratitude for your support!

“I Look Good & Feel Amazing!”

Allen Scotty Davidson
Weight Loss: 40 kg (88 lbs)

Thanks for sharing such a remarkable winning weight loss solution for obesity, this has saved my life Jon. This has saved my life.

“…it Was a Breeze”

Andrew Ryda
Weight Loss: 30 kg (66 lbs)

The visualization CD helped me to sleep better at night, and after just one week, I knew that my body was losing weight.

I have lost 66 lbs (30 kgs) so far. Once the ‘switch’ was turned off, it was a breeze; the first 26 kgs came off in 26 weeks. Incredibly, this has been one of the easiest tasks I have ever completed, yet it has come with so many benefits. It is no understatement to say that The Gabriel Method has changed my life.”

“I Eat What I Want…”

Weight Loss: 30 kg (66 lbs)

The Gabriel Method has changed my life. I’ve lost 30 kilos. I’m not on a diet. I’ve changed my lifestyle. I eat what I want. I want different foods… different than what I wanted before.

I used to take anti-depressants and blood pressure tablets. I don’t take them anymore. My husband can’t keep up with me! He doesn’t know where I get my energy from.

“I Was Losing Weight Without Much Effort”

Lucinda “Cindy” Martin
Weight Loss: 48kg (106 lbs) in 3 years

Every night I would visualize my body exactly the way I wanted to look. It wasn’t hard work; in fact, I was losing weight without much effort. After a few weeks, my blood pressure was within the normal range and my kidney levels had also come down. Jon’s method helped me have another two years of freedom off dialysis and effortlessly I lost another 53 lbs (24 kg).

“I am Living Proof of Your Book’s Success!”

Blain Vandersteen
Weight Loss: 32 kg (73 lbs)

I have gone from 271 lbs (122 kgs) to 198 lbs (90 kgs). I have found a women that I might be with for the rest of my life. I have never been happier or more mentally stable.

I am living proof of your book’s success. Whoever asks how I lost my weight, which as you know are quite a few people, I have told them about your book … everyone is amazed and lots of people don’t recognize me. So again thank you!

“A new you, instantly”


Ann Crenshaw
Weight Loss: 23 kg (50 lbs)

I purchased Jon Gabriel’s preloaded visualization MP3 player and immediately started using it nightly. I think this tool has been the feather that tipped the scales to success in my weight loss efforts. Jon’s visualizations help your brain associate with fitness, ease of weight loss, being your ideal body weight. Do them and your brain helps you “match” your visualizations with what you see in the mirror.

Since getting into Jon’s programs, I learned about detoxing, insulin resistance, leptin resistance and many other things that I consider priceless.

By all means, I highly recommend Gabriel Method training. Begin implementing his programs. They work! You create a new you, instantly.

“I feel so in control of my life now”

Alison McPike

Alison McPike
Weight Loss: 13kg (29 lbs)

I’m writing today 13 kg lighter and feeling so well! I can now fit into every garment in my wardrobe, things I have not fit into for two years. My cholesterol level has come down two points. I feel so in control of my life now. I think a huge part of it was, one day I was driving and it suddenly hit me, I no longer needed to protect myself, as I am safe. In my waking moments, I now hear you in my head saying ‘your body wants to be thin’. At present I am losing about a kilo per week and well and truly still going. I am eating nutritious food and craving nothing! Thank you for not keeping all this research to yourself.

“…Best Investment in Myself I’ve Ever Made”

Jay Vaccaro
Weight Loss: 27 kg (60 lbs) in 4 months

It’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s not difficult at all… I have found several of your nutritional suggestions to be both reasonable and delicious. I have lost roughly 5 inches off my stomach, and inches off other places as well.

I love seeing people that I haven’t seen in a while, because they all tell me how great I look, and ask me what my secret is… it is the best investment in myself I’ve ever made.

“I Have Taken Around 8 Inches off My Waistline”

Gregory Kinda
Weight Loss: 18 kg (40lbs) in 3 months

Here are some of my photos, the first one is from 10/10/08 and the second one is from 3 months later, 1/13/09.

In that time I have taken around 8 inches off my waistline and dropped from 265 lbs. to 225 lbs. It’s as if weight loss is only a small, but such a crucial part of my transformation. I am really feeling so different. Like never before.

“Here I am 20 kilos lighter!”

Steve Luboya
Weight Loss: 20 kg (44 lbs) in 8 months

… and here I am 44+ lbs (20+ kgs) lighter, and it was so much easier than anything I have done before!

Now I am trying to help Lidija [my wife] through it. I know “thanks”doesn’t quite cut it, but thanks for all you have done.

“I have lost 10kg in 2 months”

David Jones
Weight Loss: 10kg (22 lbs) in less than 2 months

I have been doing the method since last year but I truly worked out what it was all about 2 months ago. I now feel as though the FAT switch has really turned. I am a London cab driver, so I go long hours without exercise. I have lost 10kg in 2 months with absolutely no exercise!

“I’m Now Slimmer than I Was When I Was a Teenager”

Smita Patel
Weight Loss: 16 kilos (37 lbs)

I have struggled with my weight for years, and thanks to a low self-esteem I have never been able to gain my ideal body. Until someone suggested I read your book.

Until then I had no idea of the impact a change in mental attitude could have to weight loss. I began doing the meditation and activities every night and just months later I have lost a total of 37lbs and 20.5 inches. I’m now slimmer than I was when I was a teenager, and I feel amazing and it’s all down to you, your CD and your book.

“The Gabriel Method worked, plain and simple”

Weight Loss: 50 kgs (112 lbs)

I started The Gabriel Method in April of 2008 when I weighed about 280 lbs (127 kgs). Since then I’ve lost 50 kgs and I feel great!
I think The Gabriel Method simply reminded my body that it should be youthful at age 16. When I look at photos of the ‘old me’ I can hardly recognize myself. If I were to go back in time right now, I’d think I had a long-lost older brother with a bad ass pony tail!

“I Used To Wear A Size 44 Inch Pants…”

Scott Guyan
Weight Loss: 41 kg (90 lbs)

Thank you for your book, it is fantastic. My weight was 116 kgs and today I weigh 75 kgs, in six months!

I used to wear a size 44 pants, and now I’m down to a 30, which are even kinda loose for me. About a year ago I bought a pair of slim jeans, and this has been the motivation for me to lose weight – I really believe I’ll fit into them soon.

“As of August 8th 2011, my 48th birthday, I have maintained my 60lb (27kgs) weight loss for a year!!”

Terry McCarthy
Weight Loss: 60lbs (27kgs)

Last May 2009, I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance Syndrome and was requiring 500 to 700 units of insulin a day. I was instructed by my doctors to go on an insulin pump. Last December I read your book in great relief because; finally someone who has actually lost weight through a permanent life style change had written a book on exactly how they accomplished such a monumental task.

Since December 2009 I have lost 60 lbs (27 kgs). I am also now only requiring about 30 units of insulin a day. My doctors look at my A1C records and tell me it borders on miraculous, I have you to thank for my life style change.

“I feel like I have a future full of hope and happiness.”


It makes sense!!! After only a month I’ve noticed a significant change in my moods and it’s helping with my chronic muskuloskeletal pain (Tension Myositis Syndrome) and my migraines are not as painful and less frequent. I started at 178 lbs but have not weighed myself since. I took Jon’s advice and put the scale away for now. For me it’s about feeling better – the weightloss is just a bonus!!!! My husband Brian has enjoyed this process as well. Now, Brian understands what he is doing and more importantly WHY. The selling point: No Deprivation. I feel like I have a future full of hope and happiness. Thank you Jon and the Gabriel Method Team. You are changing the world. God Bless You!

“I’m losing weight and it’s improving every area of my life. I look better, feel better and my relationship with food has completely changed…”


I’m losing weight and it’s improving every area of my life. I look better, feel better and my relationship with food has completely changed. I’m on track to a new beginning, had about 30 pounds to lose to get back to a lean body. Nothing has worked till now. It’s been easy, effective and it’s also having an effect on my alcohol consumption. I just don’t crave it like I used to. Though I still enjoy good wine, I just don’t drink as much because my body doesn’t want it and I don’t feel the need for the stimulation. This is having an effect on my weight too and it’s being done totally naturally. I give my body what it wants and if it doesn’t crave something I don’t give it that and it’s an amazing transformation I’m going through. I don’t crave the same foods I used to and when I eat, whatever it is, I have a spot inside that becomes full before my stomach really feels it and I can stop eating, take a break even, and I’ve never been like that. This is easy and I feel fantastic. I love to walk and have done so for a long time, I’m really enjoying that even more now as I listen to the audio’s in this package (do wish I had more audio though as I’ve listened and listened over and over to what I have). The pounds are not coming off “fast”, they’re coming off slowly but very naturally and easily. I’m really starting to look different, leaner, and I’m keeping off the scale for a few more weeks. It doesn’t matter what the scale says, I look better and know I will continue to look better and better because I’m not dieting, not fighting in a battle to limit food intake and I can tell my body is “working right”, like lean people I now. My fat programs are turned off. The difference in the way I feel is SO AMAZING.

“I lost 61 kg … your books’ secrets changed me and my life”

Jax Johnston
Weight Loss: 61 kg (134 lbs)

I got it and I did it with your book!! I am an advocate of your method!! I bought a second copy for my friend I lost 61 kg through no effort at all; just time and your books’ secrets changed me and my life. In my life I have been at my heaviest a 117kg I am only 5’2. I started putting on weight at 13. The last time I was this weight was 13 so I am a 44 year old woman with a new toy … me never truly knowing how I looked thin! Now on a new daily discovery I find how fantastic my body truly is!! I am now 54 kg yay… People call me tiny- skinny- how would I know what it’s like to be fat haaa they say!! I laugh and say well let me show you there is an easy way I was always a fatty and now I am considered slim and tiny. I still chuckle at that sound…….. Now too mentally change my saggy skin and it’s slowly working I believe haaaa… Thank you Jon merry xmas

“I have changed inside!”

Lou Anne Jordan
Weight Loss 12 kg (27 lbs)

So far, I’ve lost 27 lbs and only have 100 more to go! :-D and I feel it is going so well because of what I’ve learned from the book and from the Weight loss summit (I purchased the digital recordings) and all the great free recipes and affirmations etc, that you guys share all the time. The tools I’ve learned are really helping me change my way of thinking and I know this time I am going to finally drop this weight I have been holding on to for so long… because I have changed inside!


“We feel great and people tell us we look great too.”

I ‘knew’ that it was common for metabolism to slow down in postmenopausal women and had unconsciously accepted this as indisputable fact, believing that weight gain was inevitable.

When I heard about how the Gabriel Method worked, it immediately resonated with me, because I am convinced that our brains and mindpower are currently grossly undervalued. When I read about visualizing for weight loss, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

The idea of losing weight without effort, without strenuous exercise, by adding nutrients rather than focussing on denial, held huge appeal. So after reading the book I started listening to the Evening Visualization at bedtime. My husband George was automatically subjected to listening as well. After he lost 9kg (20 lbs) and was looking very trim and youthful, his doctor told him he shouldn’t lose any more weight. As I had more weight to shed than he, I now have the visualization on my ipod and still enjoy listening to it, as I feel it helps promote better sleep as well as addressing issues around weight.

We were travelling around Australia and this free and easy lifestyle made it easier to change our eating habits. I listened to my first visualization in May, in Gympie, north of Brisbane and by the time we reached Darwin, 4 and a half months later, I decided to weigh myself for the first time. Initially, I was a little disappointed that I had only shed 7 1/2 kg (16.5 lbs), until my husband pointed out that this equated to 7 1/2 of the large tubs of the yoghurt we enjoy for breakfast. On making it back to Brisbane by Christmas, 7 1/2 months later, I had to buy some more clothes as I was down to a size 10 from a size 16.

The big omission in my nutrition studies was that I didn’t know that your body triggers the hunger response specifically for nutrients and that if you provide it the nutrients early in the day you won’t be hungry later. I’m not actually hungry in the evenings now, it is just habit and for camaraderie to serve up something to nibble. I don’t believe fruit is the enemy; enjoying fresh fruit for breakfast satisfies sweet cravings.

For 6 months this process had cost me nothing since the purchase of the book, which I actually found at a neighbour’s garage sale, but I then joined the Support Group and have reaped many benefits from this. Once you lose some weight, introducing exercise becomes a pleasure. I laugh joyfully during the 4 minutes of Tabata exercise Support Group Fitness Coach Brian has introduced us to, and my doctor was pleased that I was doing his hip exercises. On our travels we enjoyed many scenic walks, and flexibility exercises in the morning are no longer a chore. Having access to the SG visualization archives is wonderful, and I see that so many of them can benefit people I know. As well as helping myself, I have been able to help others and I love to tell people about the Gabriel Method for losing weight.

It was obvious to our friends when we returned that we had lost a significant amount of weight. I had lost 12 1/2 kilos (28 lbs) and my husband 9. We feel great and people tell us we look great too. Although I have more weight to release before achieving the body in my photo (when I was 28), I know it will continue to drop off without any effort or worry on my part.

(Brigitte, Australia)

“I have lost 189 lbs. (86kg) in 18 months”

I read your book and listen to the evening visualization cd. I have lost 189 lbs. in the last 18 months. All I can say to anyone is- read the book at least 2 times and listen to the evening visualization as often as you can. I caught something about 100 lbs. ago-MY BREATH! Jon is correct, exercising is my greatest joy. I have a new toy, it’s my body. I still have about 100 lbs. to go. I am in my 50s and I weighed close to 600 lbs. for over 20 years. Knowledge therapy WILL change your mind.

(Jim Armstrong)

“I feel so good and finally am not thinking about food”

Weight Loss: 29 pounds (13kg)

I want to tell you how your book has helped me with the struggle with my weight. From when I was a little child I have always been overweight. I suffered a trauma as a child, and due to that I’ve stuffed myself ever since. Two years ago my husband died of cancer. I really went on an eating binge, I had physical pain, I was popping pills, my knees and back hurt. I was depressed. I was working, but not living, and under a lot of stress. I watched Hungry for Change about 4 months ago, in which you said that we are going against our own body. I thought, it can’t be that easy. You said, don’t go on a diet. I didn’t have a lot of money, but I had enough to buy this simple book of yours. And I started my healing process. I used my faith also, to help me with this walk. Its been slow, but great. When I started, I was close to 200 pounds. I just got on my scale yesterday, I’m 171 pounds, and am not done! I feel so good and finally am not thinking about food. I just eat when am hungry. Thank you for this amazing way to get rid of all my issues that had to do with fat. Sincerely, The New Woman

The New Woman (submitted anonymously)

“You saved my life”

Jon, you saved my life. I’ve lost 55 lbs (25 kg). You are an angel. Thank you for coming into my life! Wish people everywhere could embrace your reality, so incredibly easy to do. Your metaphors make me smile and keep me positive.

Pug Macca

“…so much more than weight loss”

The Gabriel Method is so much more than weight loss. We are so much more than our outer body image. The program is an inspiration, assisting us to experience ecstasy in everyday life, partnering with the magical forces in the universe. It reminds us of who we really are. Positive expectation using the Visualizations empowers us to dare to dream and attract the life we were meant to live.

It seems when we feel safe in our bodies, magic happens. One of my fat triggers is trauma from car accidents. I have had pain for 40 years. Lately the pain is severe and restricting. Listening daily to the “Safe/Protected” Visualization; my pain has reduced 70% in one week. I can now see myself living a life without pain. Wow, just the thought is so freeing.

What a great additional benefit to releasing fat triggers, partnering and connecting with my inner and outer body. The mind body approach is powerful not only for physical transformation but also assists me to tap into my inner knowledge

I sense I am becoming a Soul Mate to myself with a heightened awareness of inner guidance. My body loves the Visualization becoming one with the Angel/Goddess.

What makes this program special are the personalized chats with Jon through the phone, videos and visualizations. Jon is like a private personal coach/mentor. It is amazing with thousands of students, that each individual feels like they are valued, heard and their experiences matter. What a gift!

(Jann Gibbs)

“I lost 30 pounds (14kg)”

I lost 30 pounds using your book, as well as your morning and evening visualizations. Your audio sessions are the best around. I went from 189 in January of 2013, to 160 as of June 2013. I have maintained that weight to this date, using the Gabriel Method.

(Mary Ann C.)

“My husband and I have been totally blown away!”

I just purchased the Gabriel Method Total Transformation and wanted to say that both my husband and I have been totally blown away! Seriously, the visualization audios were worth the cost of the program alone, I was absolutely shocked at the quality. And I have most definitely noticed a difference in my relationship with food since we started the program a couple of days ago. I just don’t have the same cravings and I feel much more clear headed and optimistic. I was not familiar with Jon Gabriel or any of his services prior to this and only found out about him through his appearance on Hungry For Change, thank goodness!! Such an amazing program!

(Martha M, United States)

“If Every Person Was Given this Book No One Would Be Obese”

If every person was given this book, no one would be obese. It would be an epidemic of the past. It almost seems sad people are dying because of obesity when it’s so simple to be thin!

(Alannah Cadman, New Zealand )

“Since Listening to Your CD Every Night, I Don’t Feel Hungry at All”

I have been struggling with my weight for the past ten years… I could not understand because I don’t eat desserts, cakes, chocolate or sweets and I cook most of my food. After reading your book I realized that I was actually nutrient deficient. Since I have been listening to your CD every night, I don’t feel hungry at all.

(Beverly Lewis, South Africa)

“I Was So Impressed by My Results With Jon’s Method”

I was working at radio station 4BC when Jon came on to our breakfast show at my request as a producer for several shows. I was so impressed by my own results with Jon’s Method that I wanted to get him on air.

(Michelle Turnbull, Australia)

“My Whole Relationship with Food Has Changed”

WOW! I read [the book] over two nights, couldn’t put it down. It was like the penny had dropped, after three days of listening to your meditation CD, my whole relationship with food changed… I can’t explain my extra energy, and my new ability to handle my very stressful job. Everything is so much easier, I’m happier and more confident.

(Brenda Black, New Zealand)

“I am Astounded at the Changes that I Have Made in My Life”

I cannot remember the last time I felt so alive, fulfilled, and happy. When I read your book it was as if you knew me better than I knew myself. It is amazing that more people have not made the connection that a healthy lifestyle consists of taking care of the mind, body, and soul, instead of just the body…

(Kenn Paquette)

“I Don’t Crave Sugar at all Anymore”

Since I’ve read your book and listened to your CD, I’ve been craving dark green leafy veggies, and I’ve also slowed way down on sugar. As a matter of fact, I don’t crave sugar! My daughter is doing great too. We both have committed to following your lifestyle. I tell everyone I see about your book and CD. Thank you so much.


“The Gabriel Method is Groundbreaking & Self-Empowering”

You have brought together a multitude of aspects and created a truly holistic ‘treatment’ that is more a new lifestyle and at a time of raised awareness where it all makes such intuitive and rational sense.

(Julie U, Australia)

“I Have Made Positive Changes in All Aspects of My Life”

I am feeling so much more energetic already as I gradually introduce more live foods and nutrients into my body. Your desire to share your wealth of knowledge and amazing success with weight loss is what is so inspiring to me and I’m sure it will be to millions of others around the world.

(Laura Nally, Australia)

“I’m No Longer Hungry, Just Content!”

… for the first time in over 20 years, I am not hungry. I feel content – just very different. For some reason, I don’t seem to require a lot of food. My portion sizes have gotten smaller. I don’t measure them out, but I look at what’s on my plate and it really is a small amount. I just don’t feel that I need more than that. I don’t crave sweets either and I’m a chocoholic – at least I was one. Now I can take it or leave it.

(Liz Bay)

“My Energy Levels & Stamina have Increased Exponentially”

After following your method I can now get back into some of my old “skinny”clothes, which is fabulous! PLUS I am eating a lot more and exercising less! So, Jon…a big THANK YOU. How wonderful for you to be able to help people in this way!

(Janet Mitchell, Australia)

“I Now Understand What My Body Wants”

Your work has helped me so much: when my husband died 20 months ago, I gained 15 pounds but now I have slowly lost it over a year. In the beginning I would lose a bit but it would keep coming back in 2-3 pound lots. I now know why I gained the weight and how to take it off without cycling through diets and most of all without ‘working’ at it.

(Virginia Burton)

“Your Approach is Enlightening”

The whole Gabriel Method approach is enlightening, very interesting and humorous, so it was a joy to listen to. Many thanks for a great, commendable program, Jon. I am telling everyone all about you.

(Marianne Hale, USA)

“I Have Finally Found the Holistic Weight-Loss Approach I was Looking For”

I have FINALLY found the holistic approach to weight loss that I have been searching for. Your method is the first holistic approach that has made sense to me. Thank you so much.

(Kathy Namaste, USA)

“I Can Say with Confidence that My Weight Will Continue to Fall Off Me”

The Gabriel Method is the most amazing process… our bodies work the way they work. I have been using this method for a month, cut back my walking by half and people are asking me what diet I am on! I have complete pleasure in telling them I am on no diet and am rather letting my body get me to where I need to be.

(Karen, New Zealand)

“Your Ideas are Revolutionary”

I’ve applied visualization techniques using your CD for the first time last night and I’m feeling a big difference from within today.

(Clint, USA)

“I am finally giving my body a chance to live”

I find I am no longer obsessing about food all day. I have had chocolate bars and cake in the house all week and I have paid no attention to them (normally they would prey on my mind all day until they were gone, and still I would not be satisfied).

Gone are the days of constant dieting, taking pills and shakes and feeling guilty about food. I now have a powerful tool (my mind). It just took someone like yourself for me to realize it was always there for me and will work for me when I truly need it to. Any doubters out there I say, give it a go! You have nothing to lose but weight which has held you back from the true sense of living.


“I Can’t Stop Feeling Good & Happy”

I bought your book and I finished it in one day, I couldn’t put it down. Today, I saw my reflection in the shop window, and usually I would be horrified and get myself down and depressed about it, but thanks to you I smiled and thought, my body is the way it is now and I accept it… I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your wonderful works.

(Rosalia Clay)

“Thank You for Giving Me a Chance at a Normal Life”

My doctor was very skeptical… but he said yesterday that he hasn’t seen me looking so well in 12 years and is totally gob smacked with the food I am now able to eat. So here is a BIG THANK YOU JON GABRIEL for giving me a chance at a normal life.

I have tried all the spectrums of health including naturopaths and the like all to no success. But The Gabriel Method has done the trick and I am jubilant that I am getting my life back.

(Dianne Gosper, Australia)

“I Have So Much More Energy”

I am already feeling 100% better and have so much more energy. Like you, I have spent thousands of dollars on trying to get my health and weight right using both western and alternative medicine and had all but given up trying.

(Anne Baker, Australia)

“You Touch on Issues I’ve Dealt With My Whole Life”

You have touched on things that I have been dealing with my whole life and wonder why they are never acknowledged in the health industry as contributing to weight issues.

(Lisa Markley, USA)

“My Head is Clearer & My Mood is Better”

This diet has had a truly dramatic effect on how well I maintain emotional balance throughout the trading day. My head is clearer, my mood is better, and I can quantify an increase in profits starting within days of changing my diet and how I handle stress. Awesome! Thank you for your work.”

(Kristen Weiers, USA)

“I Feel Liberated & Free”

I’m healthier and more vibrant and I forgive and accept my body as it is. I have let go of the belief that I would never be as thin and beautiful as I was as a teenager and have embraced my ideal body! I have a photo of me in a bikini at 15years old by my bed. I feel liberated and free and no longer have good and bad days! Every day is wonderful. I’ll never look back. Thank you so much!

(Kimberley Harris, New Zealand)

“I am Not Hungry & Only Want to Eat Fresh & Real Food”

I am not hungry and I only want to eat fresh and real. And my body is loving it. In addition, I am claiming my passion – I have started a business, and in order for this idea to come forth, I have to be willing to be visible… and now I can hardly wait!

(LeeAnn, USA)

“I Love Your Holistic, Common-Sense Approach”

I’m recommending your book to everyone I know whether they’re overweight or not (even my thin friends aren’t eating right). I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to have found your book and for the changes to come.

(Jeff Callaway, USA)

“I Feel More Empowered Already”

I recently gained 20 lbs during a four-month period of unemployment. But after reading your book, I get that it was due to fear of scarcity and I was trying to store as much as possible! How freeing to realize that I now have a tool for the rest of my life to make sure this never happens again. Life feels more do-able now thanks to your experience, research and desire to share with others.

(Pamela Babcock, USA)

“I Now Know How to Change Back the Shift In My Body”

You have done my research for me! I knew something had shifted and now I know what that is and how to change it back. I know we are all on the path to physical change and expect to be able to add some lovely after pictures to your success list soon.

(Krista Armstrong, Canada)

“Your Book Has Improved My Relationships”

Within just one hour of making that initial decision, I noticed my son who had been emotionally and verbally abusive to me on a daily basis since he was 7, began treating me differently.

Intuitively, I believe, he recognized the new me and he felt quite differently towards me and while at 14 he cannot name the change, Thank you for giving me back my son and for helping me to love myself again.

(Leonora Esser, Australia)

“I Now Know Body Transformation is Going to be Easy & Natural”

I have type II diabetes… your information made everything that much clearer, and the visualizations I have been doing with my ideal body made everything very real. I will indeed be exercising with joy and (relative) ease soon, and that my body will be transformed to my ideal almost effortlessly, in about a year. Thank you Jon, from the bottom of my heart—I know I can never repay you, but I shall be forever grateful.

(Blaine Elliot)

“It’s Only Been a Few Weeks, but the Results Have Been Amazing”

I enjoyed the book and the CDs have been great. It has only been a few weeks but the results have been amazing. Thanks.

(Joe Cadmus, USA)

“I Finally Feel Like an Ordinary Person With a Problem”

I had managed to control my weight until my forties. Then all bets were off. I finally feel like an ordinary human being with a problem, not someone who belongs in a room marked ‘fat person’.

(Laurel, USA)

“I Can Feel my New Body Becoming a Reality”

I’m on week 2 of your program and I’m already noticing a big difference. I am almost 300 lbs and yet I can feel my new body becoming a reality. Thanks for your advice. God Bless.

(Geoffrey Richard, Canada)

“Weight Loss is No Longer an Effort”

I feel a great burden lifting off of my shoulders, weight loss is no longer an effort, all I think about now is a new slim me healthy and happy. I feel this energy surging in my body and it totally confirms what my mind is thinking like my mind and body are finally talking to each other in harmony it’s an incredible feeling that keeps me motivated all day.

(Don Hemara, Australia)

“I’m Finally Sleeping Well!”

Since I started doing the bedtime meditation CD, I’ve slept through 7 nights in a row! This is HUGE. I’m convinced it’s the CD. When I wake up too early, I take a deep breath, relax, and find myself falling back to sleep instantly.

(Vicki Haninger)

“I Feel I Have My Life Back”

I just feel like there are so many things that are the same for me as in the book. I am not wonderful with words but just want to say how hopeful I am for a better life and seeing a door to it.

(Janice Thomaschewski, Canada)

“You Have Given Me Hope”

You are the living proof of what I’ve believed for ages and I could not get my kinesiologist to understand—that my weight is not about food. And yet, when I phoned her the other day to discuss the fact I felt that “GUILT” was making me FAT… she told me about your book and told me to look it up. You have given me hope, boosted my faith and got me excited. I also find your “switch” a very powerful visualization tool.

(Catherine, South Africa)

“I am a Different Person Now”

I have been listening to this CD every night for two months and I am a different person. I’m much calmer, I don’t get the shakes if I don’t eat, I crave yellow and red peppers all the time!! It’s amazing. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for saving & changing my life forever.

(Elissa Connerty, USA)

“I Don’t Even Need to Watch What I Eat Now”

I’ve listened to plenty of “weight loss CDs”, but yours is quite different. I’m eager to listen each night before I drift off to sleep. You speak as a friend, you speak wisdom, and you have carefully chosen your words so as not to impose any value system on the hearer. Your respect, your caring, your sincerity, shine through. I’m just wallowing in the pleasure of being told all I have to do is breathe. YAY. I can manage that. And I can feel it working.

(Brenda, New Zealand)

“You Have Helped Me Mend a Dysfunctional Lifestyle”

Your method is not just, or even primarily, about food; it’s about ways to mend a dysfunctional lifestyle. I feel that your book, CD and web material have really turned my life in the right direction, back toward almost-forgotten joy… thank you from the bottom of my heart!

(Serge, Canada)

“I am Astonished at How Much Better I Feel”

I have only been practicing this for 8 days and have already noticed a change. I am astonished at how much better, in just 8 days, that I feel. Thank you.

(Tami L. Bryan, USA)

“I Knew as Soon as My Body Was Ready to Start Losing this Fat”

You know when your body says ‘OK we are ready to get rid of this fat’. Thank you for your brilliant research and for your honest message. I have passed this book on to all my friends!

(Jennifer Valenti, USA)

“I Can Eat Freely & Joyously, & Be Healthy & Vital”

Your book is an answer to a prayer I barely knew I was making. When my day started today, I felt hopeless, angry and discouraged about the state of my body. As my day ends I have hope that I can eat freely and joyously, be healthy and vital and still be thin.

(Linnaea, USA)

“This is Not Just a Diet, it’s a Spiritual Journey”

Now I just want to eat right and exercise. If I can do that, the weight will be where it’s supposed to be. The thing I want to comment on is the spiritual nature of the book. I think it should be talked about in that sense and not just as a ‘diet book’. This book is very much bigger than it appears and I want to personally acknowledge your search for health and your sharing of it with us.

(Sharon Beck, USA)

“I Crave Fresh Fruits & Veggies”

Something is obviously working for me, I feel like a different person. I crave fresh fruits and veggies and have become very interested in eating only healthy foods. I enjoy doing the visualization every night, I feel it has a major impact on my day. I’m consciously working on several issues in my life to relieve stress. I love the Spiral Spinal Meditation you do on the 3rd Transformation CD.

(Karen Ecker, USA)

“I Cannot Believe the Change in Myself”

I have not had the urge to jump on the scales as yet. I have decided to wait a month, that’s a breakthrough in itself, I feel lighter I feel healthier, God I feel happier… I am trying your method and I can’t praise it enough, because for the first time in my life I really really want to be slim. Thanks John I will keep you posted.

(Michelle Sanderson, Australia)

“I Never Knew I Could Feel So Happy”

I never knew I could feel so happy, eat less, and so effortlessly, because my body just does not want so much food. Thank you for putting so much effort in helping people all over the world. You are a wonderful person! All the best Jon and a big thank you!

(Delia Matei, Australia)

“My Cravings Have Disappeared in Just 2 Weeks”

I know you have probably heard it a thousand times but I am amazed that my cravings have disappeared in 2 weeks since reading your book.

(Nicole, Australia)

“I’ve Seen a Remarkable Change in My Insulin Levels”

I have only recently started on your lifestyle change and as a type 2 diabetic have seen a remarkable change in levels in only a few days. I have not taken any meds for 2 days and this morning’s level was only 5.7 then after breakfast 5.8. Is it really this simple? Thank you very much!

(Wendy Brown)

“My Body Has Become So Firm”

I noticed my legs, arms, shoulders, body even my face and neck have become quite firm so quickly, as I do not have too much weight to lose I was not sure how my body would react. I am so pleasantly surprised.

(Doreen Wilkes, Australia)

“I’ve Realized that Weight-Loss is a Simple Truth”

Every time I hear an authority speak now about calories in-calories out, or “biggest loser”shame based, drill sergeant stuff, I think about the simple truth of re-setting the fat programs and reducing stress… well, clearly there is just a whole lotta need out there for this precise work….

(Bodhi, USA)

“After Two Days I’m Sleeping Better & Using Less Sugar”

I have slept more peacefully than I can believe…. as of yesterday, the sweetener has gone and I am using sugar only, but much less than I would.

(Linda Hong, Australia)

“I Recently Got to the Heart of Why My Body Wanted to Be Fat”

After struggling with weight all my life (I’m 42) I recently got to the heart of why I wanted to be fat. I am finding the tips in your method incredibly helpful (especially the water at night).

(Fiona Yule)

“I Don’t Feel the Need to Buy Junk Food Anymore”

I’d only listened to your CD three times, yet, when shopping, felt compelled to buy fruit etc. I went down the chip aisle to try to buy some corn chips, but just didn’t want them! Seems to be working already! Thanks.

(Mark Amey)

“I Am Ready to Move on With My Life”

Thank you in advance for all of the new life skills the Gabriel Method has given to me. The words and sentiments offered are invaluable information that I cherish and carry with me every day. Thank you.

(Eileen Gillis, USA)

“I Have Never Slept This Well Before”

I have never slept as well since I have been listening to your CD…somehow I have never got to hearing the whole CD!

(Marilyn Spilkin, South Africa)

“I Feel Encouraged & Lighter”

I feel encouraged, lighter, feel as if there is lightness in my chest… I still have a lot to do—mainly throw out every diet book, how-to, and recipe I’ve been saving for years that I have in the house. Nuts to all of them. You’re the only person who makes sense, seems quite sane and who truly understands.

(Greta, USA)

“After Three Days I Already Feel Like a Healthy Fresh New Person”

Mr. Gabriel you are amazing. I have been following your book and CD for three days… Yeah, three days and I already feel like a healthy fresh new person. You’re truly an inspiration. Thanks so much.


“Finally, After 20 Years I Feel Free”

I’m sure the 30 pounds I carry will disappear but it really does not matter anymore. Thank you for sharing your experience.


“It’s Been Freeing to Treat My Body With Love & Care”

It feels gentle and peaceful and very loving. What a gift he has given us! It is also bringing us closer together as a couple. Our household is a way happier place. So lovely for both of us and our young baby. Many thanks to you all!

(Emma Wright, New Zealand)

“I want to ‘prescribe’ The Gabriel Method to all my clients”

I am a nutritionist in South Africa, with most of my work involving people fighting specific ailments or weight. For my own interest I read and analyze almost all weight management books and programs. I was very impressed with The Gabriel Method book! It is well-written and the fundamental principles are true to what I believe in as a nutritionist. I certainly want to “prescribe”the book to all my clients in weight loss programs. The principles of nutrition as outlined in your book are the true foundation to good health and weight management …

(Ben Alberts, South Africa)

“Each day I feel a shift in my mind and my body”

Thank you Jon for persevering with your quest and achieving your goals. Putting yourself, your ideas and your thoughts out there before so many people takes courage and conviction. I am so grateful for the person you are – to be not only successful but to also share your success so comprehensively and compassionately with others. Each day I feel a little change, a little shift – in my body and my mind. This holistic approach, this connecting of mind, body and spirit has been the turning point for me in what has been a 20 year battle of me fighting with my body and losing.

(Lillian Hetet, New Zealand)

“Jon, you have changed my life”

I am 27 years old, and although I have always weighed around 50 kilos, in the last 2 months I gained 20 kilos. I just couldn’t stop eating, but now that I have read your book, you have changed my life. Thank you Jon, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

(Mayka, Spain)

“You have tapped into something beyond the norm”

Honestly after reading your book, being familiar with Hypnosis and NLP, I think you have tapped in to something far beyond and I do hope and pray that you write a similar book for sick people guiding them to get their life back on track and getting healthy.

(Taraneh Seta, Australia)

“I am so into The Gabriel Method”

I can proudly say I started listen to the CD about a month ago and I’ve lost 14 kg. I did nothing, I didn’t watch what I was eating and I didn’t do any walking and I still lost 14kg in about 4 weeks… I am so into The Gabriel Method.

(Shirley Simpson, Australia)

“The fat is melting off”

I wish to thank you for the all the years of research, time money and trouble finding the answer for weight loss which you have. My daughter and I have been on the advice of your book for four days and we began losing weight immediately. Jon I don’t know how to say thank you for what your book has done for my daughter and I.

As you are very well aware of, we have spent small fortunes on every conceivable diet, diet pills,diet foods, diet doctors, diet books etc. Four days after reading your book we no longer think diet, neither buy anything advertised as diet. Other than that we are focused on reading and applying what we read and also listening to your CD every night. The fat is melting off.

(Ann Groenewald, South Africa)

“This never-ending rollercoaster can be stopped”

Jon was so inspiring on Coast to Coast last night… finally someone who made sense!
I’ve simply given up dieting (losing 10 lbs. to gain back 20 lbs. is a familiar story). Thanks for giving me back some hope that this never-ending rollercoaster ride can be stopped. Bless you

(Carmen Gazendam)

“I am excited to present The Gabriel Method to my patients”

I am a wellness practitioner at Epigee Wellness Centers in Amarillo TX.
Jon’s approach has greatly changed my life, and I am excited to present it to many of my patients.

(Dr. Kenneth Wingrove, USA)

“I now have a wonderful life”

I just wanted to thank Jon Gabriel for sharing his wisdom and giving me so many valued techniques for living a healthy life. I am now more inspired and have a wonderful life.

(Abdul R Butt)

“The Gabriel Method is amazing”

I have heaps of energy and find myself cooking healthy meals, no longer eating junk and drinking water which I never have. I’ve lost 2 kg already. This is amazing and Jon’s method is so true. You have done a wonderful job with losing all your weight and I hope that I will reach my dream figure as well.

(Leah Emmerton, Tasmania)

“I feel fantastic for the first time in my life”

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your marvelous book. I think your work is spot on. I am 42 and have struggled to control my weight since childhood. Since reading your book, 4 months ago, I have dropped 17kg. It has been largely effortless. Your words so resonated with me, especially the section on beliefs and “fat is safe”. As soon as I read that, I knew that was what I believed. I got to thinking about this. There is nothing safe about being fat, it isolates you, stresses you, and leads you to being depressed. As soon as I realized this, it was like a switch went off (or on!) in my mind. My excess fat began to just melt away. I feel peaceful and I just feel as if I am returning home to the me I am meant to be. I feel fantastic, really for the first time in my life. The more weight I lose and the more I do things I love, the more energy I have! God bless you, you have set me free.

(Anne Skelly, Australia)

“I have steadily lost excess fat”

I’m using the words of others, but have to agree that The Gabriel Method has revolutionized my life in terms of my body image and over all wellbeing. I have steadily lost excess fat since starting the visualization.

I now love my body and accept it as a marvelous gift. I have stopped comparing myself with others and wanting their bodies, that has been a positive change. I know I have a way to go before I reach my desired goal, but I’m loving the challenge and seeing the change in my body and mental well-being.

(Georgie Zuzak, Australia)

“I feel this turning around for me now”

I want to thank you for your empathic and passionate work on why diets have made me and others like me fat… For the past 4 weeks, I have been listening to your evening meditation nightly and listened to your book and seminar (at least 3 times each). I find the information inspirational and feel you on my side. I am so grateful for you sharing your journey. Thank you for inspiring me to love my body. Diets have shamed me into loathing myself and deeming myself unworthy ever since my sister and mother put me on my first diet at the age of 8. I feel this turning around for me now and look forward to perhaps inspiring someone else to love their body.

(Nancy Alfs, USA)

“Not only have I lost 8kg in a month, but I feel alive again”

I was given The Gabriel Method book about a month ago. I had some skepticism about this new dieting fad. How wrong I was. I had given up on the idea that one day I could be thin again, however, I read the book in one weekend and as they say, I had a light bulb moment, where I finally realized why I was overweight. It has been a month now and not only have I lost 8kgs, but I am alive again, and it has been noticed by everyone around me. I am smiling and have a passion for life again.

(Mia Howard, USA)

“I am finally seeing results!”

Bless you Jon and your soothing voice that sends me to sleep everynight! No insomnia since I started listening to the CD and after too many years of being overweight, I am finally seeing results! :)

(Toni-Marie Burns-Cimijotta)

“I lost 9 kgs in two months”

I started to follow The Gabriel Method book and two months later I have lost 9 kgs. At this time I have not done any exercise due to having arthritis. My aim is to lose another 15kgs & I believe it’s going to happen..Jon Gabriel you are a God send!

(Mohammad Carson)

“Brilliant and Insightful”

I love The Gabriel Method brings together many concepts I have studied for years and have not been able to collate in a usable way..brilliant and insightful.. Jon is light-years ahead of the world and since I started listening to the CD at night time, I have lost another 4 kg. My body and mind loves this. Of all the books I have read, this one shows a truth my body understands.

(Susan Morkovsky)

“I’m down from a size 18 to a 10/12 in four months”

I started listening to The Gabriel Method visualization/meditation at the end of August. Four months later, I’m down from a size 18 to a 10/12. I have lost almost 40 lbs. I didn’t change much other than to add some walking 5 days a week which I haven’t even done for 2 months since the snow started and I’m still losing weight.

(Anne Jensen)

“I sleep better, feel better and want to eat better”

I have read The Gabriel Method book in the last 2 weeks, and what a change to my life! I am about 70kg overweight, but have discovered that losing weight is really a change of mindset about your life and food. I lost 2.2kg since I started reading the book and listening to the CD every night. I sleep better, feel better and want to eat better already. I was a chip(crisps)aholic and have not craved any in about 3 weeks now – that alone is a miracle!

(Roshette Badenhorst Van Rensburg)

“Reprogramming the mind makes so much sense”

I just started reading The Gabriel Method book and it is like Jon is talking directly to me and telling me, Hey Jeff, you are not alone and this will work for you. I am thankful to Jon for writing this book. Finally there is something that I can actually do to lose weight – reprogramming the mind makes so much sense to me!

(Jeff Devitt)

“WOW! I am amazed at the results”

I was a little skeptical when I first came across this book but I thought, what have I got to lose, I’ll read it & listen to the CD anyway and see what happen.WOW! I am amazed at the results! I lost 1kg in the first week but the biggest change has been a mental one. I am no longer craving sweet things or worried about food all the time and I find that I am wanting to exercise and eat natural healthy foods.

(Sharon Fatseas)

“I no longer have food addiction”

I am a huge fan of your work which has been inspiring and has helped me a lot. As a biology student your ideas make perfect sense to me and explained a lot about why I am the size that I am. Before your book I was obsessed with eating and I couldn’t stop thinking about. After incorporating your ideas into my life I no longer have this food addiction except if I am stressed or not eating right. It is surprising how predictable my body has become! Thanks for sharing your ideas with me and the rest of the world.

(Noha Ana)

“I believe in the power of visualization.”

I downloaded The Gabriel Method CD and listen to it every night. It has been miraculous for me. I just can’t think of any other way to describe it. I believe in the power of visualization and this has been another reminder of the powerful link between mind and body. I lost 1kg in my first week and found myself exercising every day and eating much healthier food.

(James Ian Marshall)

“I know that I will achieve my ideal weight”

I’ve been on The Gabriel Method for three weeks now and have noticed that my belt notch has decreased one notch which is about 2 cm! I don’t even show the slightest interest in cakes, biscuits or other ‘party’ foods and only eat my three main meals (most days), and I now drink a lot more water. I used to not eat breakfast and constantly obsess over food. It was the true ‘famine’ syndrome. I know that I will achieve my ideal weight.

(Kerrie Falconer)

“I catch myself dancing and whistling!”

Two weeks and 6.5 pounds down, I’m feeling great, have a new attitude, am much less cranky and I am catching myself dancing and whistling! ME! As great as all of this is, the aspect of that I find the most surprising is the amount of detoxing my body has gone through.

(Sarah Morris-Martin)

“I’m starting to feel like a THIN person”

I bought the book a week ago, read it that night and wow, it sure did put a lot of “stuff”into perspective about food, weight gain and weight retention. I immediately started to implement “whole foods”and I really don’t feel like eating rubbish at all. I’m enjoying real food, which is good for me and I am already starting to feel like a thin person, because the weight is falling off…. I am feeling so much better, thank you Jon!

(Kate Morris)

“I feel better and don’t crave sugar”

A week into doing The Gabriel Method I feel better already. I don’t crave sugar, am eating fruits and veggies and am feeling great! Thanks Jon!

(Betty Blake)

“The Gabriel Method is truly amazing”

The Gabriel Method truly is amazing! My cravings are subsiding and I feel so much healthier. The CD is the key for me. I started it on July 31 and have lost 7lbs so far! This is miraculous for me, after exercising 7 days a week and counting every calorie I was losing about 1 lb per week. Now, my first week and NO exercise I lost 7lbs! Thank you Jon Gabriel!

(Kristen Berntzen McKenzie)

“Finally a solution that addresses the real issues”

I just finished The Gabriel Method book. It’s been 3 days since I got it and started reading and listening to the CD. My mindset is changing. My cravings are changing. I don’t want sugar (amazing for me) anymore. I’m so glad to be ending the struggle once and for all. Finally a solution that addresses the real issues instead of throwing diets at it.

(Meredith Hilton Pond)

“I am feeling like a Queen “

I am in awe at how well I am sleeping- I’m feeling like a Queen and even exercising with mighty enthusiasm. Visualizing and the mind connection are saving my life. Thanks a million, Jon.

(Rosa Oquendo)

“I have lost 7 kgs in 2 weeks! “

I owe a lot to Jon Gabriel and it’s only been 2 weeks since I started this way of life. I have lost 7 kgs, never feel hungry and now really feel like eating the right foods all the time.148 kg to 141 kg in 2 weeks. This is the start of my journey, thank you Jon Gabriel.

(Chris Commane)

“My body just turned off the stomach switch! “

I have just finished reading The Gabriel Method book, and listened to the meditation CD tonight for the first time. The thing that amazes me most so far is how full I feel after eating a fraction of what I’m used to! It’s like my body just turned off the stomach switch! There’s a full cheesecake sitting in the fridge (normally something I’d sit down and eat in about ten minutes) and it’s just plain uninteresting. Amazing after only a few days of knowing about this book!

(Amanda Hager)

“The Gabriel Method shows why diets don’t work “

Great work Jon. You show why diets don’t work an explain how to lose weight and keep it off. This message needs to be heard! Too many people are getting ripped off by fad diets and useless infomercial products which promise instant weight loss but promote long-term weight gain. The only way to fix any problem is to fix the cause. You show how to do that! Keep up the great work

(Joe Amoia)

“For the first time ever I feel like there is hope”

I bought The Gabriel Method book this week, downloaded the CD and have used it every night since. Already I notice I am much more positive, not just about weight loss, but I’m noticing that things that would normally stress or tire me, simply don’t! Also I’m finding I just don’t feel like eating the foods I would normally go for, and am wanting the healthier options. If this has happened in only 3 days, I figure it’s only going to get better. For the first time ever I feel like there is hope.

(Sharon King)

“My insulin intake has now dropped to 20 units…”

My insulin intake has now dropped to 20 units morning and night from 60-64 last January. My general health has much improved and I am slowly, but surely, losing weight – 15 kilos up-to-date. My specialist is delighted and asked for the name of the book to read for himself.

(Gillian Churchill)

“I Love the Gabriel Method Step by Step program…”

I love the program it is fantastic and has helped my self confidence as I was putting pressure on myself for not being able to lose weight. Now the pressure is off!

(Danielle Welch Kingaroy)

“The Gabriel Method programme is exactly what I needed…”

This programme is exactly what I needed to really understand the method and apply it to my life. The support on the forums and the generosity from Jon is incredible. I am so happy I took the leap of faith and committed to the programme. Thank you!

(Alice Rae-Flick)

“Wow! I am so pleased to be on the Gabriel Method Step by Step journey…”

It’s amazing the way Jon explains everything about Insulin Resistance. I have had it explained to me before but now Jon has given me the key! I think of the insulin effect every time I want something to eat now. It has made an enormous difference. I am enjoying food so much more now and making great choices Thanks so much to Jon and the team .Big hugs from me you are all a gift to the world.

(Heather Jacob)

“This is the best decision I have ever made…”

It is just great and amazing to follow the Gabriel Method step by step program. The core lessons are so interesting and I learn so much! The meltdown has begun for me and I see and feel the fat melting away day by day! Something I never thought possible!

(Marleen Ceulemans)

“It’s so good to be ‘taken by the hand’…”

It’s so good to be ‘taken by the hand’ so to speak through all the steps Jon describes in his book. The Gabriel Method Step by Step program is really designed so you can take weekly steps, that are exciting, not a chore, because Jon gives us weekly visualizations that help you to happily incorporate every single one of them! I feel lighter, more positive and have already changed habits. This is only going to keep going and get better and better!


“I am getting so much out of The Gabriel Method Step by Step program…”

I am getting so much out of the Gabriel Method Step by Step program. I am really enjoying the structure and the support to understand and follow Jon’s method. It is really helpful to have the forum for support and to ask/answer questions, post progress or difficulties and such. I really am feeling the fat melt away! Can’t recommend it highly enough!

(Kathryn Lindsay)

“The Gabriel Method Step by Step program is the best thing that has happened to me…”

The Gabriel Method Step by Step program is the best thing that has happened to me. Ever since I read your book two years ago I wanted something like this. I just love the weekly checklists that show me exactly what to do. Since I started putting into practice the Gabriel method I can see an improved relationship with my husband. I have lost 2.5 kgs and I feel reassured that I can lose my excess weight – something I had given up on. The visualizations are calming and encouraging. Thank you Jon and the Team for this fantastic effort!

(Kavita Baluja)

“I read The Gabriel Method book regularly…”

I read this book regularly particularly when I need more inspiration to stay positive. I really enjoy Jon’s style of writing and the fact that the ideas can be easily assimilated into ‘real’ lives. It is effectively set out so that I can access the key information that I need, when I need it!

(Tracey Lee)

“Lost 4kg this week! Back on track and it’s not even an effort…”

Lost 4kg this week. Back on track and it’s not even an effort, not even attempted. New goal is 100kg by the 23rd of October which will be 100kg loss. I have to get there to show myself it can be done!

(Michael Turner)

“The Gabriel Method Book is such an excellent book…”

This is such an excellent book-thoroughly readable and with its feet planted firmly in the “real” world. I have read the book twice and use it as a reference book. I still feel that I have work to do to completely turn off the FAT programs, but this book is a great resource to assist me with my journey. I am a GP and have recommended to several of my patients that they purchase this book.

(Liz Mangan)

“Through reading your book and listening to the evening visualization CD I have gone from 108kgs to 58kgs!”

You are the best thing that ever happened to me, you have taken me out of a swirl of stress and constant weight worry. With reading your book and listening to your CD every night I have gone from 108 kgs to 58 kgs. I look better and sleep better. I trust myself. Thank you so much for being so real.

(Veronica Kufalk)

“I am a Personal Trainer and I currently train one of Jon’s success stories from Sunshine Coast Australia who has lost 90 kilos with the Gabriel Method”

I totally resonate with Jon’s work and have needed to implement it with myself and my own weight loss program.

(Bianca Aiono, Owner – SCULPTLife Personal Training)

“I’ve lost 23kgs in six months, I am really proud of myself and mostly thank Jon”

On the 14th June 2011, I weighed myself and was exactly 170kgs. Six months later on the 14th December 2011, I weighed myself and I am 147kgs, I have lost 23kgs so far. I am really proud of myself and mostly thank Jon. God bless you and your family with health, love and peace.

(Gabriel Haggar)

“I just wanted to say that I read your book about 2 years ago and have since then lost 75 lbs”

It was the most inspiring weight loss book I have ever read, and believe me, I’ve read a ton! It helped me figure out why I was holding on to that unwanted fat and helped me convince my body that I no longer needed it. I lost the weight with no extreme surgery or exercise. Thank you so much for writing this book, I have recommended it to so many people!

(Caroline Rehel)

“The Brisbane Total Transformation Retreat in November 2011 was really great, can’t wait till next year!”

I would like to say that the Brisbane one day seminar was great and I am really looking forward to booking in to the 3 day retreat next year. Thanks again!

(Mel Durham, QLD, Australia)

“I attended the wonderful Total Transformation retreat with Jon in Brisbane – it was really excellent!”

I attended the wonderful Total Transformation retreat with Jon in Brisbane – it was really excellent and I enjoyed it tremendously many thanks to Jon and all the wonderful staff.

(Manuela Kruk,QLD, Australia)

“I’d like to thank Jon and his team for the wonderful experience I encountered at the one day seminar in Brisbane on November 2011. It truly was what I needed.”

I’d like to thank Jon and his team for the wonderful experience I encountered at the one day seminar in Brisbane. It truly was what I needed after finding the Gabriel Method in September. I have been trying to work out why I can’t loose weight and last year I worked on what I now believe is the cause. As last years journey must not of been completed and Jon helped me see this. I am now in the process of dealing with that issue and look forward to the fat going forever. The starter breakfast kit was such a wonderful idea Helen. I could start the next day and begin the method with Jon’s suggestions. Thank you again, I am ever so grateful that you had this one day event.

(Michelle Valkenburg)

“You’ve changed my life!”

Dear Jon. You are my hero! Since discovering your book and CD many moons ago, I have lost 38kg and kept it off for over 2 years! You changed my life and I will never be able to thank you enough! Kindest regards, Vicky, NSW Australia.

(Victoria Arrowsmith)
(Weight Loss: 38 kg /83 lbs)

“Lung problems have gone, stress is reduce and I’ve lost 30 lbs!’’

My weight has been an issue for years. At my heaviest, I reached approximately 191 lbs (or 86 kgs, 13 stone 9lbs [UK]). Something wasn’t quite right, so I decided to move from the UK to NZ to start a new life.

Four years later, the stress was back, work was not ideal, and I was living a life not suited to me. It began to show and my health took a turn for the worst. I piled on the pounds, developed a lung infection, could not sleep and was surrounded by stress constantly. I began showing signs of Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Depression set in and then in 2009, I discovered your book.

Eight months after reading, the lung problems were gone, stress was reduced and I lost 30 lbs (14 kgs) and it has stayed off!

Following some of the simple steps and techniques you shared accompanied by a basic exercise regime has helped me a lot.

Thank you once again Jon, it was a pleasure to meet you and share in your success. Best wishes!

(Hannah Spear)
(Weight Loss: 14 kg/30 lbs)

“My friend told me about The Method, and I felt as if I had found myself again”

My extra weight, which came about due to a thryoid immune condition flaring up from extreme stress, only started to go when I stopped fighting the condition – stopped trying to find a cure – and surrendered to it, accepted it as part of me, and asked – literally, out loud – the universe to use it for whatever good it was meant to do by being given to me.

Once I had done this, I reminded myself of my days as an athlete, and my father’s pride in me, and as he had recently died, I started exercising again, to make both of us proud.

I also left my husband, who was really not the right life partner for me, and I was living with guilt, (also stressful) and I started a new work contract.

So I had started to eliminate the stress and issues in my life that were keeping me fat. Everything was going well until I had a fall and needed knee surgery, and my resolve was tested. I was just about to enter an ultra-fit competition and the fall made me angry – I didn’t do it – and the post-op recovery was awful. I started to put some weight on and that was worse. This went on for nearly a year and half – up and down with the same 8 – 10lbs, and then my friend told me about The Method, and I felt as if I had found myself again, but in an organised and clear fashion, complete with affirmations, meditations and visualisations. I was not on my own anymore.

I’m about 5 lbs nearer to the photo that I use as my visualisation of my ideal me, and that has happened in much less time than it took me to fret about it! It is a photo that was recently chosen from 36,000 other photos to be projected onto the wall of the National Theater in London, and which Ultimate Sports Nutrition asked me to use for an inspirational campaign. To me, it just represents the me that is the best me – inside and out.


“The Gabriel Method just makes sense on so many levels”

As a physician, specializing in endocrinology, I have watched hundreds if not thousands of patients struggle in futility with dieting and other endeavors to try to improve their health. I,myself have been part of the struggle too.The Gabriel method just makes sense on so many levels.


“You are helping so many people…”

I have read your book several times and although I am not overweight I have been in the past so I can relate to it. I also think for me it is helpful in maintaining a healthy body and weight. I also have a few friends who struggle with weight problems and have recommended it to them. Congratulations, in making this your passion you are helping so many people, I wish it had been available all those years ago when I did have a weight problem.

Ali (Gold Coast, AU)

“I have been losing about half a kilo (1 pound) every week…”

I’ve been using the method for a month now and I have been losing about half a kilo (1 pound) every week. I wasn’t ever obese; I’ve always been very careful with what and how much I was eating. Despite that fact, I tend to binge on sweets every now and then and that forces me to go back on a diet after gaining some weight. I have used the Silva method of mind control/relaxation and so I know of its effectiveness, but you have really turned it into something that is your own towards losing weight and feeling great. The positive way you urge someone to improve their nutrition and life in general is a breath of fresh air compared to the restrictive and stressful diets and programs I have seen before. I am also getting my son to follow your method and I am very happy with it. I will definitely be recommending it to friends and family. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Athina (Greece)

“It has been an amazing emotional journey for me…”

When I first got Jon’s book and downloaded the CD in 2011, I made the dietary changes and did the morning and nightime visualizations, but did not address the emotional/trauma reasons. With no results after 6 months, I stopped the visualizations. Then 2 months ago I got an email offer to try a month membership free and I decided to give it a try. I also started getting hypnotherapy and addressing the emotional reasons for the weight gain. I have found the interviews, live calls and additional downloads very useful as well, to keep me inspired and motivated. I am slowly losing weight now, 7lbs of the 50. I trust Jon’s method and know I will reach my goal when my body is ready to. I feel so positive and loving towards myself, free to become the naturally thin body and creative woman I have hidden away. The “why can’t I lose weight,” that I always whined about now is replaced with loving my body for protecting me and trusting it to let go of the weight when it feels safe. It has been an amazing emotional journey for me and I would not have started on it without Jon’s guidance and knowledge.

Lori R. (United States)

“I didn’t weigh myself last week when I started but I did this morning and have already lost weight without dieting “

A friend recommended your book 7 days ago, I bought it that day and read it and started your method straight away, I cannot believe that I feel so different already, I didn’t weigh myself last week when I started but I did this morning and have already lost weight without dieting!! I have already shared how excited I am with 3 friends, 1 bought your book Friday last week and today she told me she has lost weight already (and she works for a famous weight loss company) the other 2 friends I saw today and shared what I see as the amazing answer to this never ending problem and they went off to buy their own copy. I have suggested we all book retreat for next March. A yo-yo dieter since the age of 19 (I am almost 55) it has been a long time to have been ‘doing’ it the wrong way, your method rings true, of course my set point has been altered I have tried every diet I have seen, some of them rigid severe food reduction and yes I lost weight in some cases alot of weight but only when following it to the letter then to see the lost weight plus extra return has shattered not only my set point but my confidence and I have been left feeling a failure and out of control! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you I just know you have provided the answer.

Julie Beck

“Well, it seems like science fiction, but I stopped gaining weight and then I was getting thinner already! “

Well, it seems like science fiction, but I stopped gaining weight and then I was getting thinner already!
I was weighing about 98 kilo’s when I started and I am now weighing 92,5 kilo’s. Because I am so used to only achieving this result by dieting, this was a strange experience. But cool as well! I was running and I almost lost my pants, it just fell of, haha! 8 November 2012. Ps. My weight is 87 now…just for fun I thought, lets take a look again…wow…I imagined it would stop.. but apparently not! 11 November 2012

Maita (Netherlands)

“Your book has helped me to be the person that I have wanted to be”

Thank you for sharing your method with the world. Your book has had a profound effect on my life and I am very grateful. I am not overweight but I have been struggling with an eating disorder and dieting as well as all of the body dysmorphia that goes with it for many, many years.

After reading your book and understanding that it wasn’t my fault and that my body has actually been protecting me I had a major shift. My body now wants to be healthy and slim without me fighting it. I have renewed energy and in combination with the other work that I have been doing on myself your book has helped me to be the person that I have wanted to be for quite some time now.

In addition to what it has done for me it has also helped me to be more compassionate with those around me and to realise that they are similarly protecting themselves. I am sure that my healthier approach and understanding around weight will help me ensure that my daughter grows up with a real understanding of what makes people fat or thin. This will also ensure that she has some hope of having an healthier relationship with herself and the world around her. Thank you.

Karene (London, UK)

“One of the best things that has ever happened to me”

I can honestly say The Gabriel Method has changed my life. I finishedthe book in one day, it was so eye-opening and easy to read. I have alsopurchased the digital cookbook and have tried the most amazing new recipes.

I am so much more confident and comfortable in my body. I almost neverthink about my weight anymore. I am so happy and full of energy now thatI would most definitely never go back to the way I was before I started withthis lifestyle. I am never hungry anymore, for people who have never had aproblem with food, they cannot even begin to understand how amazing that feels.Just thinking about the amazing foods I can eat, that nourish my body and mycells, makes me so excited. I eat to my hearts content and I have actually lostweight even though I probably eat about 100 times more that I used to when Iwas dieting, which is absolutely amazing.

I finally feel like myself again and I cannot thank you enough for whatyou have done for me. This has changed my life in so many ways, not just losingweight but with being able to be happy and confident in myself and loving thebody I have. I have recommended your book to everyone I know struggling withweight and am able to tell them truthfully that it is one of the bestthings that has ever happened to me. So thank you a million times over foreverything you have done and continue to do.


“Coincidentally, my 6′ 10″, 16 year old son has lost a LOT of weight – probably two sizes, just because he’s eating the Gabriel way!”

Coincidentally, my 6′ 10″, 16 year old son has lost a LOT of weight – probably two sizes, just because he’s eating the Gabriel way! He is autistic with Klinefelter’s Syndrome and has had a history of food binges and ALWAYS being hungry. 30 times a day I would hear “I’m hungry…I’m hungry” and nothing filled him up! NOW though…I hear “I’m hungry” ONCE a day – about twenty minutes before dinner, which is normal! Sugar is an addictive killer! I’m excited to see his results, because it means mine are on their way. I hope to make some new like-minded friends here!


“On the road of self awareness for the last three years, and having released 65 pounds along the way…”

Having been on the road of self awareness for the last three years, and having released 65 pounds along the way, I am hearing in your message SOOOOO many things I had been suspecting for some time about the role of the magnificent body’s intelligence in this whole process. Thank you for validating it in one neat and tidy message for me.

I studied all 12 videos today. Well done. Applause. Beautifully told. Clear. Concise. And inspiring. Cheers to you.

Debra Sale Wendler, (USA)

“Your visualizations have given me strength”

Your group is great and I couldn’t imagine anything that needs improving. I have enjoyed your members site and feel that I have benefitted. Your DVD and Mp3′s have given me a jump start and I have lost 20 pounds so far. Your visualizations have given me the strength to see my way all the way back to where I need to be. Thank You Jon. so much.

Susan E Sweet


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