Dear Reader,

I’d like to share with you a very interesting email sent to me from Support Group member, Roseann.
She says:

“In my late forties I had the mercury removed from my
teeth. It was about that time that I started to have
weight challenges.”

My father was a dentist, so I know a lot about teeth; and
in recent years, I’ve learned just how damaging to your
health silver amalgam fillings can be.


*Silver (amalgam) fillings contain mercury, a known
neurotoxin that can cause everything from weight gain
to depression to chronic fatigue

*If you have mercury fillings, mercury vapor is being released
into your body and builds up in the brain, pituitary, adrenals,
and body fat

*For many, the effects of mercury toxicity will not come
on until later in life when the filling becomes lose or the
surrounding tooth degrades


The purpose of this email is not to scare you. There are millions
of people with silver dental fillings that have no problems

… but there are probably millions more who are experiencing
some adverse reactions and don’t even realize it could be
because of their dental work.

Here’s what I do if I were you:

(1) Speak to your dentist about your fillings (if you have them)

(2) Consider getting tested for mercury toxicity

(3) Consider replacing your amalgam fillings with a safer
alternative (only with expert care as mercury levels released
during removal are extremely high and you need to take
precautions to avoid a severe toxic reaction)

(4) Listen to my interview with Dr. Liebowitz in the Support
audio class archives, we talk a lot about natural
treatments for heavy metal toxicity

I hope you find this helpful…

In health,

Gabriel Method

p.s. If you have a dental filling experience to share, I would
love to hear your thoughts. Please post them down below…