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Raw Milk & Your Health
*Live* on the Gabriel Method Show

In Class, You’ll Learn:

  • How the pasteurization process affects milk
  • The difference between Organic Milk vs. Raw Milk
  • The benefits of drinking Raw Milk
  • Tips on how to identify high-quality sources

Mark McAfee is internationally recognized as an expert in raw milk production, he is CEO and Founder of Organic Pastures Dairy Company in Fresno, CA.

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Who is Mark McAfee?
Mark MacAfee is CEO and Founder of Organic Pastures Dairy Company in Fresno CA. Organic Pastures has become California’s first raw milk dairy with certified organic pasture land. Organic Pastures delivers its “raw” products to more than 400 CA retail stores and 15 Farmer’s markets.

Mark is an active private pilot who travels to present groups of people his “Share the Raw Milk Secret” presentations. These presentations educate consumers about the benefits of raw milk and encourages consumers “to get to know your farmer and get to know your food.”(-USDA’s new initiative)

Mark is internationally recognized as an expert in raw milk production and works with researchers and doctors in their expanding practice of complementary medicine. Mark has created and published the first international raw milk safety standards at


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