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Dear Reader,

I lost 226lbs using a mind-body approach I call, The Gabriel Method, and I’d like to give you access to all of my best research, my entire visualization library, my educational videos, my delicious recipes, and my online master classes right now.

I’ve even like to give you a chance to call me on the phone and speak with me personally later on this month.

And best of all, I’d like offer you all of this for free today, but first, let me tell you my story.

This is me at my heaviest, I felt hungry constantly, and I didn't understand why.

This is me at my heaviest, I felt hungry constantly, and I didn’t understand why.

Back in 2001, I weighed over 400lbs. I was pre-diabetic, I had high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, sleep apnea, and the stresses in my life were literally killing me from the inside out.

My weight was the biggest issue in my life, and it was affecting everything I did: my work, my marriage, my social life…

If you have a weight problem today, you know that the guilt and shame combined with the physical discomfort of carrying around extra weight can be totally devastating.

Every day was a constant struggle with my body. In my mind, I desperately wanted to be thin; but my body seemed to have an agenda all of its own, and the cravings were relentless.

I tried the low fat, high carb approach at The Pritikin Institute in California, then I tried the high fat, no carb approach working with the late Dr. Atkins himself in New York City.

I did acupuncture and hypnosis, I hired trainers and went to the best gyms…

… and as I’m sure you’ve experienced too, it’s easy to starve yourself and lose a little weight in the short term, but if you don’t fix the fundamental, underlying problem, the weight comes right back the moment you stop dieting.

And this is what happened to me, again and again.

The yo-yo effect is not just a theory, it’s an epidemic. A whopping 98% of dieters fail to lose weight and keep it off long term.

Today, I Know that it Wasn’t My Fault…

… and your weight problem is not your fault either.

The weight loss approaches currently taught are just fundamentally wrong—they simply don’t work—and the only lasting solution begins when you throw the old advice out the window and start all over with a fresh, new, holistic approach to inside-out weight loss.

When I was at my heaviest, I hired the best people I could find, and spent a small fortune doing so, but it always came back to calorie counting and hardcore exercise.

I’m sure you’ve been through the same. Today, knowing what I know, I’m angry that no one ever stopped to ask me:

Q: “Why is my body was craving so much food?” Q: “Does my body even have the ability to burn fat right now?”

After years of my own research, I learned that our bodies have something called a FAT Switch. FAT stands for famine and temperature, and essentially, when this switch is on, your body stores fat to keep you safe.

It’ll make you crave more food and reduce your energy so you burn less at the same time.

The Reason Why All Diets Fail

When you FAT Switch is on, it's nearly impossible to lose weight and your body craves the most unhealthy foods.

When you FAT Switch is on, it’s nearly impossible to lose weight and your body craves the most unhealthy foods.

Our modern world contains all kinds of triggers that flip that FAT Switch on, things you’d never normally guess could make you gain weight, like mental and emotional stresses, toxins, medications, pollution, and even processed food additives.

During my journey, while losing over half my body weight, I learned a great deal about biochemistry, hormonal balance, and the mind-body connection.

I documented my findings in my first book, The Gabriel Method, and to date it has sold over 350,000 copies worldwide in 16 different languages.

You might have seen me on television, read about my story in a magazine or newspaper, or maybe you’ve heard me on the radio.

I’ve been featured in 4 documentary films; and to date, I’ve authored 4 best-selling books. The reason for my success is quite simple.

The Gabriel Method treats weight loss holistically, and addresses the root causes of the problem—not just the symptoms.

Traditional diets act like a Band-Aid, they cover up the problem for a week or maybe even a month or two; but eventually, that Band-Aid will fall off and you’re right back to where you started.

At the Gabriel Method, There are No Quick Fixes Or Fad Diets…

Discover What Permanent & Sustainable Weight Loss Feels Like

We don’t count calories or keep track of how many steps you take in a day. That silly pop health advice is worthless, and as someone who has successfully stayed thin and fit now for over a decade, I can tell you with certainty that there is a better way.

10 years ago, they called me a revolutionary because my approach was so different, but I’m excited to say that today, my holistic, inside-out approach is quickly becoming mainstream…

… and this is why I’d like to share it with you today at no charge, to help spread this message even further to as many people as I can.

Do you ever feel like this in your weight loss journey? Trying to lose weight on your own can be totally overwhelming.

Do you ever feel like this in your weight loss journey? Trying to lose weight on your own can be totally overwhelming.

When I was losing weight, I had an incredible support network: family, friends, and health professionals who gave me the emotional support, but also the education I needed to transform my life.

Looking back, I realize I was extremely lucky.

Most of my readers don’t have support like that.

In fact, many of my readers have negative people all around them, and some find that their family and friends are even resentful when they move toward healthy living.

I would never have lost 226lbs without a support system in place to assist me along my journey…

The Gabriel Method Support Group is designed to be there for you with personal support, cutting-edge research, and thousands of dollars of on-going education and support materials.

For this reason, in 2011, I began what has become the largest online community for Gabriel Method readers in the world.

It’s called The Gabriel Method Support Group, and it’s an incredible, vibrant, community of people from 18 different countries who come together to lift each other up, to learn, and support each other as we grow together and transform our bodies and our lives.

Since 2011, The Gabriel Method Support Group has helped thousands of people all over the world learn how to apply the mind-body weight loss principles to their lives with amazing results. We have people of ages, all sizes, and all backgrounds who come together to support on another in transformation, inside and out.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You
Try The Support Group Today For FREE

Ask Jon Calls ($200 value)

2x monthly live calls with me (Jon Gabriel). I love these calls because you and I get to talk about whatever you need help with whether that’s a major stress in your life or whether you’re simply trying to find the best juice or blender—I’m here for you.


Live Fitness Sessions w/ Coach Brian ($150 value)

Naturopath, personal trainer, and Gabriel Method senior coach, Brian Killian leads a live, interactive video class each month where he shares his latest research in fun, functional fitness, and he demonstrates some fun and invigorating “work-in’s” you can do from home. Coach Brian is extremely responsive to any and all questions, so this is like having your own Gabriel Method coach right in your home.


Visualization Library+ ($300 value)

You’ll get immediate access to my most best-known visualization practices (the top 12), plus an additional 40 guided sessions that I’ve only released for Support Group members. Additionally, each month, I’ll email you a new visualization so your evening practice stays fresh and we all stay connected through our commitment to mind-body wellness.


Video Blog ($250 value)

(2x/month) I’m a fanatical researcher, and twice a month I share my latest findings on everything from digestion and hormonal balance to raw food and healthy fats via an easy-to-watch short video that you’ll get access too. Currently, there are dozens of amazing videos you can watch right now.


Expert Guest Classes ($300 value)

As a best-selling author, I have access to the leading minds in wellness today. People like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Rosedale, Dr. Mercola, and so many more. There are over 30 classes currently in the Support Group, and we add at least one new expert class monthly. These are audio or video classes with cutting-edge information you won’t find anywhere else.


Master Classes ($400 value)

Master Classes are Support Group exclusives and these are a ton of fun. We have a master class all about raw desserts (yum!), a series of classes about mind-body fitness, eating healthy on a budget, and so much more. Each of these classes would normally sell for $39-149, but as a Support Group Member, you get them all for free.


Recipes ($200 value)

At The Gabriel Method, we love food, and I love to share my nourishing, nutrient dense, and delicious recipes. We have an amazing library of super delicious, super nutritious Gabriel Method friendly recipes that will turn off your FAT Programs and leaving you feeling amazing.


24/7 Member’s Forum ($200 value)

We have 2 private forums, one in the member’s area and one on Facebook. Some members prefer one of the other, some us both. Both myself and my coaching team are extremely active in both places, and you’ll get a ton of support and resources from other members too (we have many members who have been with us since the beginning so they are experts!).

FREE 30-Day Trial The Gabriel Method Support Group

Terms: 30-day full access trial at no cost. If you do nothing and remain a member, you’ll automatically be charged the discounted rate of just $39.95/month. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you’d like to cancel, just click “cancel” in the members’ area and you’ll never be charged a thing.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

When we first started The Support Group, it was a really simple online forum… but today, it’s like a 24 hour per day, 7 day per week, multi-media health fair…

… and it’s not just me anymore.

I’ve got a huge team inside the Support Group helping me make recipes, lead online classes, connect in the forum, and lead group visualizations. The monthly “Ask Jon” call-in days are always a big event. This is where you literally just pick up the phone and call me, and we’ll talk through whatever you need help with.

On a monthly basis, I also release my best new research via my video blogs, we have new recipes, new visualizations, fitness videos and so much more. Each month, we add so many new resources that I know there is the risk that it could be overwhelming.

Right now, for example, there are literally hundreds of hours of training and many thousands of dollars worth of programs just a click away…

… but when I think back to where I was in 2001 when I had just begun my journey, I was desperate for trusted information and I was so sick of hunting around.

Back then, I would have loved to have just one place where I could “plug in” and get all the support and training I needed in one place to solve the problem forever. So that’s what I’ve created here for you.

The Gabriel Method Support Group is Amazing…

If you need to lose 10 lbs or 100lbs, this is an invaluable resource like none other, and I want to let you try it for an entire month for free so you can decide for yourself.

There’s no catch and no fine print, so please take advantage of this incredible offer.

Login right now, download all my best videos and meditations, cook up some delicious meals, ask questions and join the community conversations. How it works is very simple.

  • You’ll join as a full member with full access to everything for an entire month right now at no charge.
  • After 30 days, if you don’t cancel, you’ll automatically become a paying member on a monthly basis for as long or as short as you like.
  • But if for any reason, or no reason at all, the Support Group is not right for you, you just click “cancel” and that’s it. You’ll never be charged a thing, and you can even keep all the resources you’ve downloaded as a “thanks for trying” gift from us.

We’ve got some amazing up-coming live events this month, so as soon as you start your 30-day trial, be sure to mark your calendar.

Thank you for your interest in The Gabriel Method. I hope my story has inspired you, and I hope to speak to you personally very soon inside The Support Group.

In health,

Gabriel Method

p.s. Also, I forgot to mention you’ll get instant access to my best-selling DVD set, Start Your Transformation, filming live at a sold out seminar I did recently.

It’s available online in the member’s area right now, and it’ll take you deep in The Gabriel Method principles very quickly.

“One of the most powerful Personal Transformation Programs on the planet”

Is anyone else beginning to think that Jon Gabriel and the Gabriel Method is really one of the most powerful personal transformation programs on the planet, disguised as a weight loss program? The stuff he is teaching us goes WAY beyond weight loss. He is giving us the tools to transform every aspect of our lives!

-Louis S., Support Group member

FREE 30-Day Trial The Gabriel Method Support Group

Terms: 30-day full access trial at no cost. If you do nothing and remain a member, you’ll automatically be charged the discounted rate of just $39.95/month. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you’d like to cancel, just click “cancel” in the members’ area and you’ll never be charged a thing.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed