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FACT: FAT stands for famine and temperature, and it’s a genetic switch that tells your body to store or burn fat, and it’s the secret to long-term weight loss.

Your body has a FAT Switch.

It’s part of your biological heritage originally designed to keep your safe from danger. If you’re like I was, struggling with your weight, chances are that your FAT Switch is turned “on” and nothing you do seems to work long term for weight loss.

If you too struggle with your weight, I’d like to invite you to listen to my 16-minute audio class called Turn Off Your FAT Switch.

FAT = Famine and Temperature

… and when you turn “off” the switch, weight loss becomes natural and effortless.

Almost no one I meet is aware of this, and yet everyone I work with finds this FAT Switch discovery to be one of the most profound weight loss insights ever.

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