Marjolijn (Marilyn) Loderichs
Certified Gabriel Method Coach

Marjolijn is a certified NLP Master Practioner/Transpersonal Coach and Trainer from the Netherlands. She was trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis by Anne Linden from the New York Training Institute for NLP. Besides that she has done various courses on body and energetic work. Since 2005 she has her own training and coaching practice near Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and is specialized in working with the subconscious mind. She was enthusiastic about Jon’s book because she thought he explained everything so clearly and decided to contact him. One thing led to another and she is now one of the first Certified Gabriel Method coaches in Holland.

Her expertise is on the way the subconscious mind works, which seamlessly connects with Jon’s ideas and philosophy. She has a holistic view on healing and is always open for new insights. She likes to try new things, experience life, improve herself, share and loves the fact that life is never dull or senseless anymore once you keep an open mind. She has had her own share of problems, especially with her body. She weighed 85 kilos after the birth of her youngest child. All this weight melted off after her own transformational process. She thinks Jon’s book is the answer to the struggle many people have with food and their bodies and she is very thankful to be a GM Coach.

You might have seen her at the Kiama retreat Spring 2011 which she attended on Jon’s generous invitation.

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