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fructose-th Fruit, Sugar and Weight Loss

LossThe diets of our ancestors contained only very small amounts of fructose (fruit sugar). These… More »

hot water with lemon Quick Tips for Recognizing and Overcoming Stress

Our bodies can tolerate a great amount of stress, either from what we are doing,… More »

heather_fleming No More Food Comas

Food coma, or medically known as postprandial somnolence, happens after eating a large meal that… More »

bread 4 Reasons Wheat Blocks Weight Loss

Wheat isn’t what it used to be. Agricultural scientists have been tinkering with the crop… More »

increase-dopamine Increase Dopamine, Get Happy (And Lose Weight Too!)

Been a bit down in the dumps lately? You could be suffering from low levels… More »

natural-choco Natural Chocolate: Is it Really Good For You?

Chocolate is full of antioxidant power that can give you substantial health benefits such as… More »

superfood-page 5 Reasons Why Sprouts are the Best Superfood on the Planet

Looking for a nutritional boost? Cheap and easy, sprouts offer the kind of health benefits… More »

daydreaming-post Is Daydreaming Good for Your Health (and for your waistline)?

Did you know your brain gets a workout every time your mind wanders? A study… More »

avoid-page-pic 7 Foods that Activate Your Fat Triggers

If you’re interested in healthy living, chances are you already know which foods to avoid…. More »

excercise-page-pic Exercise May NOT Speed Up Metabolism (but it’s still good for you)

Wonder why your waistline isn’t getting smaller, no matter how hard you workout? The truth… More »

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