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Listen & Learn with Jon:

audio-emotional-traumas Weight Loss & Emotional Traumas

How emotional traumas cause weight gain, why opening up emotionally can help you lose weight, and learn to use visualization to deal with trauma… More »

audio-visualization Weight Loss & Visualization

The importance of sleep in weight-loss, how you can visualize even while you sleep, and how visualization can help you lower your stress levels… More »

audio-visualization-roy Visualization

Learn how to stay focused during visualization, and how visualization can be applied to all areas of your life… More »

audio-best-jong The Gabriel Method Basics

Free audio class with Jon Gabriel: Discover how to get your body to want to be thin… More »

audio-success-training Success Training

Discover how success training can boost your weight-loss efforts… More »

audio-blood-sugar Weight Loss and Blood Sugar

Discover why regulating your blood sugar levels is crucial to losing weight… More »

audio-diabetes Weight Loss & Type-2 Diabetes

Discover how The Gabriel Method can help you balance your blood sugar levels – naturally… More »

audio-fight-flight Weight Loss & The Fight-or-Flight Effect

Find out how to avoid stressors that stimulate your FAT programs… More »

audio-leptin-resistance Weight Loss & Leptin Resistance

Find out why the hormone leptin is crucial to weight loss… More »

audio-jons-story Jon’s Story

Find out how Jon Gabriel lost 103kg without dieting – and how he’s helping thousands of others to do the same… More »

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