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Omega 3s

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Listen to Jon Gabriel Chat to Ramone About:

  • Alternative sources for Omega 3s
  • How small fish have lower heavy metal content than bigger fish
  • Different ways to eat your Omega 3s


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Ramone, are you there?


Yes, hi.


Hi, how are you?


I’m good. How are you?




I have a question about omega 3’s. Getting it from fish, you recommended that in your book, but because of the mercury content in fish, do you just limit a certain amount or does it depend on where you get it from?


Yeah, I think it definitely depends on where you get it from. I recommend getting fish oils from — exclusively derived from small fish, because small fish have less heavy metal. What happens is, bigger fish eat all the small fish and they keep accumulating heavy metal, so they’ve got a much higher heavy metal content.

So there’s two ways to get it that are really, really pristine, one is exclusively from small fish like anchovies and fish like that. And I know that where I am here, in the health food store, they have fish oils that say derived exclusively from small fish. And then the best, most pristine source is from krill oil. And krill is those tiny shrimp-like things that whales eat in the Arctic. Because they’re so small and because they’re in clean waters, that’s really the best fish oils to have.

The other ways of getting omega 3’s is from seeds, ground flaxseeds, and I recommend that you sprinkle ground flaxseeds, freshly ground — and you want to grind them fresh. You don’t want to buy them already ground because they go rancid pretty easily. So you buy them whole, and then you get a coffee grinder and you grind them up in the morning, and then you can just sprinkle them and add them to things. You can also use flaxseed oil as a salad dressing, but you want to refrigerate the flaxseed oil and it’s only good for a couple months.

I have flaxseed, but is it really necessary to use a coffee grinder even though it takes long to chew? If you chew it thoroughly will you still absorb the nutrients in it?


Yeah, you’ll only absorb the nutrients if you break the skin of the seed before you swallow it. Because once you swallow it, the enzymes in your stomach aren’t able to digest them.



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