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Listen to Jon Gabriel and Lisa J Smith Talk About:

  • Nutritional and the physical stresses that can activate the FAT programs
  • How toxins make you put on weight
  • Why your body wants to be fat or thin


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Jon Gabriel is on the show with me. As I promised, every Monday Jon is here, the author of The Gabriel Method. Please be sure to check it out. It is in every major bookstore. I was in Borders over the weekend and saw it. It’s everywhere around the world. The revolutionary diet-free way to totally transform your body and I love that because you’re not just transforming your body on the outside, you’re transforming from the inside out. And if you’ve listened to my show for any amount of time, you know that I’m all about going from the inside and working your way out rather than out working your way in, because that just doesn’t work.

So Jon, welcome to the show. Good morning.


Good morning Lisa, how are you?


I’m better than you. I’ve been up for hours now and you’ve probably been up for not that long since it’s 4:00 in the morning on Tuesday.


I have been up for minutes now.


Oh, you’ve been up for minutes. I don’t know how you do that but I’m impressed.


Yeah, well today pushed me a little bit because I got back from Canberra to Perth last night at about 12:00 at night which was 2:00 in the morning Canberra time because of the time difference, checked into a hotel, and there were workers outside my door fixing some sort of air conditioning duct. I had to send them away. Tell them to come back tomorrow. I got about two hours of sleep and then my alarm went off and it just kept going and I was ignoring it for a while, but about two minutes ago I realized that I’ve got to talk to Lisa.


Get up, do some jumping jacks, get in the game. You can go back to sleep. We’ll let you go back to sleep.


I appreciate that because that’s exactly what I’m going to do after I talk to you, but I do have some really exciting things to share with you.


Oh, do share.


Well, you know it’s no coincidence that you were talking more about the nutrition aspect of The Gabriel Method and then we talked about the emotional component. How mental and emotional stress can activate your FAT programs, and that really is the most important part of The Gabriel Method is dealing with mental and emotional stress. But now we’re talking about — now we’re talking about more than nutritional and the physical stresses that can activate the FAT programs. Since we’re talking about that, I just want to share with you some really exciting news.

I made my — I had seminars last week in Canberra and Sydney and I made my now world famous incredible chocolate brownies for all the kids. I do a kid’s session in the afternoon. I made chocolate brownies and chocolate milkshakes for the kids and I’ve got to tell you, they were the best brownies I have ever had in my life. I am not kidding. I ate about 10 of them yesterday, in the morning, for breakfast.

And the reason I can do that is there’s no sugar, there’s no wheat, they’re loaded with nutrition. It’s got protein, the Omega 3s and live food. Remember I said there’s three components that you need. Protein, Omega 3 and live food for every meal. These brownies were made out of eggs, which is pure protein or which has a lot of protein, protein powder, ricotta cheese, organic cocoa, some walnuts and some Chia seeds which are loaded with Omega 3s, and a little bit of Xylitol which I recommended as a sweetener. I think it’s an excellent sweetener. It’s a natural sweetener. I do not recommend artificial sweeteners. This is a natural sweetener.

You know artificial sweeteners can activate the FAT programs because they’ve got a chemical in it that actually goes into your brain and acts like a switch, turns on the FAT programs. In fact, I don’t know if we talked about that last week, I don’t remember, but it’s not just artificial sweeteners that do it, it’s also MSG. Did we mention this last week?

Yeah. We talked about it a little bit and I know I was talking about that because you know people who drink Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi they gain weight from drinking that.


Right. The reason they gain weight, okay, yeah, it’s zero calories but it makes your body want to be fatter because it activates the FAT programs. So you’re going to get those calories somewhere else and it’s going to slow down your metabolism.

But anyway, Xylitol doesn’t do that, and so these brownies were absolutely to die for. I figured out, also, the perfect way to cook them is you cook them for just about 12 minutes and so that what happens is they’re a little bit hard on the outside but still liquid on the inside and then you leave them for a couple of hours or even overnight and that liquid gets just a little bit firmer and it becomes just really moist and delicious and they were just incredible.

The other thing that happened last week is we perfected The Gabriel Method chocolate bar, which is a protein bar and only has four ingredients. You know how sometimes — have you ever had a protein bar, like a health bar, so called health bar when you go to the health food store and you get like a chocolate protein bar. Have you ever done that?

Yeah and I couldn’t even tell you. There’s 30 things in there and I don’t even know how to pronounce any of them.


That’s my point. That’s exactly my point. You read the ingredients and it looks like a list of foods — chemicals you have never heard of and it tastes like – usually they taste like — if you were to sweep the floor of a chemical laboratory, take all that dust and wrap it in chewing gum and put chocolate around it, that’s what they usually taste like. What we created, and I’m really proud of, is a chocolate bar. It’s got four ingredients. It’s got protein powder, it’s got organic fair trade cold pressed cocoa, it’s got Xylitol, and it’s got Chia seeds. So it’s got Omega 3s. And those are the only ingredients.


It’s perfect.


It has no stabilizers, nothing and it tastes exactly like a Nestlé’s Crunch Bar. You know how the — the Chia seeds are a little bit crunchy. Like the little rice crisps in the Nestlé’s Crunch Bars?


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And me and the person who developed it both said the same thing. It tastes like that bar he was about to say, when I was a kid. I said yeah, the Nestlé’s Crunch Bar. He said, that’s exactly what it tastes like, which used to be my favorite –


We were talking about the brownies last week on air and you were talking about them and you said you were going to work on them and make them a little bit more, and obviously you’ve done that, and I will tell you I was bombarded with emails from people wanting your recipe for the brownies and I’m like I have no idea. I don’t know what it is. So you’re going to have to write these down somewhere. Well, we talk about your website.

We’re going to go to a break, but we talk about your website,, and I think it’s really important that everybody go over there and say you don’t even want to lose weight. This is just about making healthy choices and about nutrition and about staying healthy. Maybe you don’t have a lot of weight to lose, but still, go over there and check it out. You have your forums that are open and I was over on the forums and it is absolutely — what did you say, 50,000 to 60,000 people. It’s an incredible porthole of information for everything to be healthy. People have experienced what you’re experiencing, and really having to figure it out and it just takes all the guesswork out of it, you have a whole system set up, you have a whole team over there of people, 50,000 or 60,000 people around the world. I think that’s really important for people to understand.

 So we’re going to take a break, Jon. We’re going to be right back with you so don’t go anywhere. Jon Gabriel. The author of The Gabriel Method here talking about his book, The Gabriel Method, which definitely, definitely, if you have not gotten this book absolutely go out and get it for yourself. It’s the best $15 you’re ever going to spend. This is Lisa J.

[Commercial break]


All right. It’s Lisa J. and my guest is Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method, losing weight without dieting and getting your body to want to be thin. I love that, that your body wants to be thin. What does that mean, Jon?


Well, what it means is that your body — there’s specific reasons why your body would want to hold on to weight and they’re based on survival programs that we have that we inherited from our ancestors to protect us from famines. So if you were in a famine, your body would activate this FAT Program and turn it on and it would actually want to be fatter because it’s trying to protect you. We don’t have famines today but there’s lots of other types of stresses that our bodies — that trick our body into activating these FAT Programs. And so our body is actually using fat as a form of protection.

When you address those stresses whether they’re physical, mental or emotional, your FAT Programs get turned off and your body no longer wants to be fat anymore, it’s no longer being tricked into activating this ancient survival program and it then wants to be thinner.

When that happens, all kinds of incredibly magical things happen. For example, you’re just not as hungry. Your metabolism speeds up. You become like those naturally thin people. You know those people that we all can’t stand. They can order whatever they want, eat whatever they want and stay thin. That’s what happens. You become like a naturally thin person. So you might order a pizza or ice cream or something like that and just have a couple of bites of it and then you’re full. Whereas, when these FAT Programs are on, you’re hungry all the time, your metabolism slows down, you crave fattening foods, and your body loses the ability to burn fat and you just kind of get into this sort of stage where you’re in this fat storage mode and people always say, “Oh, I’m sabotaging myself or I don’t have discipline and willpower.” That has nothing to do with it, absolutely nothing.

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