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Weight Loss and Blood Sugar

Weight Loss & Blood Sugar
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I just wanted to talk a little bit, for starters before we take any callers, about blood sugar. I don’t know if you read the latest newsletter that we sent out, but learning how to regulate your blood sugar is really crucial in losing weight. And when the FAT programs are on, which I talk about in my book, The Gabriel Method, your body loses the ability to regulate its blood sugar properly. And that’s because your body becomes less sensitive to the hormone insulin.

So I want to give just a quick talk about how your body normally regulates blood sugar, and what happens when the FAT programs are on, to get your body to no longer be able to regulate blood sugar properly, and why it’s so crucial to be able to regulate your blood sugar and to understand blood sugar if you want to lose weight.

So the way your body normally regulates blood sugar, is your body always has to have a certain amount of sugar in your bloodstream at all times to provide energy for your brain and for your muscles and for your liver, and just for basic functioning. If you have too much sugar in your bloodstream, it’s going to cause problems. It can cause nerve damage and it can be extremely detrimental. And if you have too little sugar in your blood, it’s going to make you tired and you’re not going to have enough energy for your brain. So your body always has to keep a certain amount of sugar in your bloodstream at all times, not too much, and not too little.

What happens when you eat a meal, is your blood sugar goes way up, and so your body has to store all that excess sugar. And it stores it in your fat cells and in your liver cells and in your muscle cells. And the way it does that is, when you eat a meal your blood sugar goes up, and your body increases the level of the hormone insulin into your blood stream. And insulin goes up to your fat cells and your muscle cells and your liver, and it acts like a key that opens up a doorway to allow sugar in. And in this way, your body stores sugar in all the different cells of your body, and then your blood sugar goes down. Then over time, as your body uses the sugar that’s in your blood, your body needs to get more back, and the way it gets more back is it gets the sugar back out from the cells by producing another hormone called Glucagon, and Glucagon goes to the cell and says, “Give me the sugar back.”

But when the FAT programs are on, your body stops listening, becomes less sensitive to the hormone insulin, and this causes your insulin levels to rise. Now, insulin is the fat storage hormone, and this is a real problem, because when your insulin levels rise, it stops your body from burning fat. A lot of people think that if you go on a diet and you just cut calories, because the calories in, calories out type of thing that you’re going to lose weight, but if your insulin levels are too high which is typically the case when your FAT programs are on, you lose the ability to burn fat efficiently because insulin’s cutting that off.

So what you have to do, is you have to get the cells of your body to become more sensitive to the hormone insulin, and this is done through all the different things that I mentioned in The Gabriel Method, by nourishing your body, dealing with the different starvations, of mental and emotional starvation, lowering stress because stress causes insulin resistance and activates the FAT programs, and all these things. Your body becomes more sensitive to insulin, and then your insulin levels lower, and then you can regulate your blood sugar properly.

But in the meantime, it’s really crucial to understand that when your FAT programs are on, you’re not able to regulate your blood sugar properly, and what happens is when your blood sugar lowers, you can’t raise it back up because insulin’s preventing your body from producing the hormones, Glucagon for example, that bring your blood sugar back up. So you get these low blood sugar episodes, and they cause ravenous hunger.

And so, what you need to do is you need to eat foods that keep your blood sugar as stable as possible, and those are the foods that I recommend adding. For example, Omega 3 fatty acids make your cells very sensitive to the hormone insulin, and so your insulin level’s lower. Protein keeps your blood sugar very stable. Live food also helps your body become more sensitive to insulin. It nourishes your body so it turns off the FAT programs. So, by adding these things on a daily basis, the foods that I recommend in The Gabriel Method, you’ll keep your blood sugar as stable as possible.

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